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What does being spiteful actually do for you?

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>10,000 feet of altitude is when many airlines start or stop

>their "sterile cockpit" routine depending upon

>whether they are ascending or descending so it makes sense to

>allow passenger "toys" to begin using or stop using

>at that time. Sterile cockpit does not mean the crew members

>in there are incapable of performing any biological functions

>but merely they are supposed to limit their conversation and

>actions to flying the airplane.


>Elevation usually refers to a point on earth as referenced to

>mean sea level while altitude usually refers to a point above

>the earth as referenced to mean sea level.


My mistake. I don't think anyone missed the point. So again, what was yours? Flight attendants regularly interchange the words, perhaps because it's a pretty common error.




Oh yeah, taking a chance to denigrate me for something that REALLY didn't need to be addressed. I'm really trying to think what was done to piss you off KMEM, this pathetic vendetta takes immaturity to brand new levels. Granted this was the more respectful of your responses recently but it does have the same theme to it.


My first instinct was to not take the bait. To let your comments and intentions speak for themselves but really, what's your damage? Why do you CONTINUOUSLY opt to make this place a mine field intending to make posters feel uncomfortable just speaking for fear of judgment on every insignificant detail of their expression.


What's the point? What do you achieve? Does this make you feel better about yourself? Would it have honestly been the END of the world and posting on this board as we know it to let an incorrect nomenclature of a concept as above persist without being corrected? Why bother correcting it condescendingly instead of just asking if something else was meant or correcting it?


I'm genuinely curious which is why I opted to not hijack (hee hee, just noticed the airplane theme ... oops) the other thread and put the question to you and the other vipers in the nest. Obviously you're not the only one and the venom isn't always directed at me.


I'm taking this very seriously as it's part of some grad school research on self esteem -- trust me, I didn't just reappear and drag myself across the coals for nothing ;-) Always methods to my madness. In less than 48 hours a simple press release became a hot topic which is something even for these boards.


What do you gain from being so angry and irrelevant? Do you feel it gives you meaning? Were you the nerd in school and this is your attempt at feeling powerful? Did your parents or a sibling do the same thing to you?


Thanks in advance to anyone that participates. Anyone that chooses to attack me in this thread ... thanks to you as well ;)

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Spiteful? Are you kidding?


Scott, darling, you need to lighten up on those amphetamines. Talk about OVER-REACTING.


I resist any thread that has to do with air travel because I'm hating Congress and the airline industry these days so I held my breath as I clicked on "WiFi" to see what caused this anal blister eruption. I was stunned that an intelligent, innocuous post by KMEM, one of the most learned men on air travel here, blew Scott out of the pit of cocks.


Honey, was such self-absorbed, defensive blister-bluster really necessary?


Personally, I find KMEM's airline knowledge fascinating. Am I the only guy here who tips the pilot? I honestly didn't see anything, and I MEAN ANYTHING, spiteful about KMEM's sharing of flight knowledge. The writing wasn't condescending, it wasn't pompous, it wasn't suggesting that SA got it all wrong. It was simply informative. Only someone grossly insecure, who needs to constantly prove intellect (when I.Q. is truly questionable), would OVAH-react in such a blister-bluster manner. Playing with drag queens lately?


A more secure gentleman of class and "caliber" would have said "thank you" for shedding richer insight on the subject. Instead we get this flabby-filibuster show: IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!


"Why do you think my response was all about you?"


I hear escorts tend to be VAIN.

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RE: Spiteful? Are you kidding?


>Scott, darling, you need to lighten up on those amphetamines.

>Talk about OVER-REACTING.


Speaking of libelous attacks not by KMEM ... ;-)


"Granted this was the more respectful of your responses recently but it does have the same theme to it."


I believe I acknowledged that the remark alone wasn't spiteful at the start.


Perhaps not the best example but anyone keeping up in the past, wow only two or three days with 3,000 views (I really should open up that P.R. firm), few days of threads I've been involved in gets the gist.


Sorry for not giving you a better example as the source of the question but the inquiry speaks for itself. If the people it's being asked to are too much in denial to acknowledge it then so be it.

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RE: Spiteful? Are you kidding?


I'm not sure I understood any point in the above post. One might think it was written by someone "high."


Yes, you started with "My mistake." (Which any reasonable reader could see no mistake of consequence occurred.) Then you went on to say, "Oh yeah, taking a chance to denigrate me." Sorry, the whole blabber is too DEFENSIVE for me and there is no need. Before you start that P.R. firm, just don't forget, you're nothing unless the MC men follow you. Oh yeah, whatever happened to that blog?


As for the libel stuff, Hollywood has more big-mouth queens than any place I've ever lived. You can't trust anyone there in the land of sunny opportunity, especially amongst those sissy WEHO gays. If I were you, I'd look carefully at those with whom you hang.


I agree, talk is cheap. It's especially cheap here. (Just don't tell Daddy.) And I tend to ignore all rumors until I see something for myself. But very few people think like I do and very few people truly understand how hurtful the rumor mill can be, especially if more than one escort is foaming at the mouth.


Careful dear.

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What a disappointment. I went to that thread to see what all the fuss was about, and it was just information about "sterile cockpits." Now, I'm totally into cock and pits and definitely like to play safe, but I didn't see any spitefulness, which would have made for some entertaining reading. Oh, well...

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