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  • 1 year later...

We saw Oliver. And he was good but not great. 

My first issue is an hour before we were to meet, he requested we send him a car. I generally don't do that. I prefer providers build costs into their price rather than ask for something al la carte. He was a good kisser. He has a great body and is quite furry if you're into that. He looks exactly like his photos, but he is shorter than advertised. I'd say he's maybe 5'10 because I'm 5'11" and he wasn't my height. 

He took a while to get "going" and then seemed to have to kindle the fire so to speak. In terms of topping (and here's where my main letdown was) he only had one speed which was rather rapid. I don't mind a good pounding as long as there are other strokes on the menu. 

He's headed to Miami next. Not sure we'd repeat. 

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