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Olympic Angst

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I ceased being a fan of the Olympics many years ago. I never accepted the idea of the United States using professional athletes. I am, of course, aware that though countries like the Soviet Union denied using “professionals” they had done so for years. No matter to me.


I sincerely believe that if not the finest certainly one of the finest moments in United State Olympic participation came in the 1980 Winter Games when the U.S. Hockey team defeated a “professional” Soviet team that had dominated world hockey for twenty years. Additionally I really don’t much see the point or of having a Coby Bryant playing on a U.S. Basketball team. All these guys are is a bunch of prima dona playing what amounts to a pick-up game. When each “star” get the ball you know he is going to take it down court and shoot – game plan – don’t be absurd.


I have also lost interest in “athletic competitions” that are decided purely and simply by subjective judgment. As far as I’m concerned if a winner cannot be decided objectively the event has no place in the Olympics. Yeah I know that isn’t about to happen as it would eliminate the most popular events in the games, gymnastics, diving, figure skating, ice dancing, synchronized swimming, etc., etc. In Michael Phelps’ 100 meter Butterfly they were able to determine a definite winner by using photographs and information from the electronic touch plates. Just how does one determine objectively a winner in diving. Some of my earliest Olympic memories (the 1950’s) revolve around Soviet Block gymnastic judges being accused of bias and favoritism. Now this year we have a Swedish wrestler accusing judges of impropriety – certainly a possibility after all judging in this sport is nothing but a series of subjective calls. Over the years boxing judging , especially when the Cubans were a dominate force, has also be subjected to numerous accusations of impropriety.


Ok all you Olympic fans come and get me.

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Well, you make valid points regarding professional athletes.

And I can understand your consternation at the subjective judging of certain disciplines like gymnastics, diving, figure skating etc. But I can appreciate the skill, beauty, hard work, intense training and just the thrill of watching incredibly gifted sports figures without

being locked into the numerical outcome. Sure, I have my favorites and I get pissed when judges clearly have the heads up their collective asses.


There is a beauty to gymnastics even if the sport has been ruined by partial judges. Or watching a diver execute an impossible dive can take my breath away. Well, so can looking at Rick Munroe's ass.


But still, my point is, while I can agree with your point about Kobe, LeBron and the other NBA professionals, I am NOT prepared to put aside the Olympics which give me so much enjoyment of the pure sports side of the events.

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>Or watching a diver execute an

>impossible dive can take my breath away. Well, so can looking

>at Rick Munroe's ass.


Just looking? :p Btw, I almost skipped this thread because I'm not much of an Olympics fan, but the word "angst" in the title drew me in (must be my Jewish ancestry). I'm glad it did (so is my ass). :)

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