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Searching the Reviews - HELP

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I'm trying to figure out which city I'd like to visit for a quick weekend get-away this fall. Went to the reviews and was overwhelmed by the number of old and outdated reviews. It's nearly impossible to to navigate and easily tell which guys had recent reviews and which ones were 2-3 years old.


In addition, I was fairly frustrated because I couldn't easily enter search criteria (i.e., uncut, bottom, twink, etc.) I was limited to searching by city or name but not physical attributes.


So, a couple of questions:


1. Any suggestions for easily isolating current escorts by city?


2. Any suggestions or recommendations for specific cities or "must see" escorts? (I do quite a bit of travel on the west coast so I'm thinking of a quick weekend in the South, mid-West, or east coast.


Appreciate any suggestions.

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Your interests would dictate my recommendations. If you come to San Francisco, I'd definitely recommend Charles or DavidinchTool.


Yesterday I went to http://www.rentmen.com and fell in love with that site. In SF there are about 8 guys that I desire to see but have to be very selective due to these inflationary times in which we all are living. (You might want to use this site for your discovery and connections.)


If you go to Atlanta-- definitely try to hook up with SmallTownJohn or hot, hot Adam Kent (whose present pic at this site is not his best one). He is soooooooooo hot! I'd highly recommend him!


Good luck, and it's great to see you posting again!

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Thanks for your response and suggestions. Unfortunately, I'm not too inclined for SF this time but will keep Charles or David in mind for my trip there in March.


Your suggestions for http://www.rentmen.com was very timely. (See their post in the Deli section.) I really do like the search features they offer. Their format is a little too busy for me and I've got to agree with Oliver's comments about the hassle of registering. Also do NOT like their profile requirement. x( But, they do have a lot of features I like.


Atlanta is a place that's on my short list. STJ and I have been together a few times and he's one of the best!! Will also consider Adam Kent if that's where I end up.


Appreciate your help.

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