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Some Vacation ideas

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I have a dilema and would welcome some input from some of our illustrious members here. I have come into about 70,000 miles on Continental Airlines. I am trying to figure out where to take vacation to, using the miles. I have gone to montreal 8 times in the last 4 years. I love it there, but would like to try something new. I hope to find a place where there is an active gay scene, with a good supply of boys to see, touch, feel and taste...


I will more than likely be spending 5 or so nights, and would like to find someplace that won't "break the bank". I have never been outside the states except to go to Montreal (I live in Phoenix)


My first thought is Rio...the sauna scene has fascinated me and gotten my imagination going. The drawbacks to Rio are 1) the whole Visa thing, and 2) the language barrier (I speak some spanish)


I welcome any suggestions as to where I should go..


Gentlmen, start your engines.

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:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, with Side trip to Bratislava, Slovakia!!!




Prague is a city of unique and awesome beauty. A wealth of incredible buildings, structures and monuments that span several eras. Architectural marvels abound!

The gay scene is very big here, with lots of cafes, bars, nightclubs, and several saunas. And the American dollar exchange is great at most places. Most clubs have no cover and drinks are reasonable.

By Western standards the Czech Republic remains a fairly cheap country. Locally produced food and drink (especially beer) are very good value. Some tourist-orientated restaurants and bars have sharply increased their prices in the last couple of years but they still remain reasonable when compared to those in more Western capitals.


The currency is the crown which hovers around 30 to the pound, 24 to the euro and 22 to the US dollar. (as of July 2008).

The Czech Republic has become a much more liberal and gay-friendly destination in recent years and the Prague gay scene, mainly centred around the Vinohrady area (close to the city centre), is particularly vibrant and accessible. More than half a dozen new bars or clubs have opened up in the last year alone and there are around 25 gay bars, discos and saunas in the city as a whole.

Homosexuality in the Czech Republic is legal and the minimum age of consent is 15. There are no laws concerning tourists with HIV/AIDS. The number of HIV/AIDS sufferers in the country is low. In keeping with the mood of increasing tolerance the Czech parliament recently approved a law allowing gay partnerships. (source: new gay Travel Guide)http://images.quickblogcast.com/39531-36457/prague_saints_gay_travel_gay_hotels.jpg

And to help solve your fear of communicating in a foreign language -- The Sex Translator, love(lust ?) + Hookups in 7 languages!


ATM Tips!

To get Czech currency, if you have an American ATM card but are worried about using ATMs from companies you have never heard of, Citibank has several offices and ATMs in Prague. You pay an international currency exchange charge of a few percentage points, but the exchange rate is better than rates you get at hotels or currency exchange booths.



And how about an American gay man, from Chicago, who chose to be an exile in Prague (amongst the rent boys of the city!)to help you out to express your Gay identity?

This is his blog! And he is very well informed about the Bizniss boys of Prague.


Another reason to go to the Czech Republic? You can take a train trip. Prague is a good gateway to explore the rest of Central Europe, with Slovakia being a great option to the East.


Bel-Ami Studios is in Bratislava, Slovakia. Remember that once upon a time, both countries belonged to Czechoslovakia! Consider it a gay version of visiting Disneyland, after a trip to Universal Studios .


Bratislava, Slovakia


Gay Bratislava Nightlife

The New York Times named Bratislava among its Five Great Gay Destinations on September 25, 2005: "The scene may be small, but the boys in the Slovakian capital look like extras from a Bel Ami movie and are incredibly friendly." They recommended Apollon (see below) as the best club!

A sample holiday weekend trip to B'tislava:

Weekend Package – included:



Accomodation in a modern Hotel in the Center of the Town /2 nights, Double Room/, close to the biggest Gay Disco in Town

Breakfast /2x/

Transport from/to the airport in Bratislava

Wellcome Dinner on Friday

Historical guided Sightseeing tour on Saturday

VIP Entrance to the biggest Gay Disco in Bratislava/Slovakia

Local Gay Friendly Group Leader


195 EURO.

Some gay Facts from the Gay Friendly City!


Prostitution in Bratislava

Prostitution itself is at present not illegal in Slovakia but any form of pimping or organised soliciting is punishable by law. Like in any other major capital, you will find a steady supply of both street prostitutes, erotic massage salons and massage salons and strip bars fronting for brothels in Bratislava, as well as up-market escort services.


As a friendly reminder. Do get a copy of Spartacus Gay Guide 2008 edition!



Now...now...Is that enough engine power for you? maybe, I should start a gay travel agency in the forum! :)


Ops: I almost forgot. Visa Requirements!


Czech Republic: Visa USA not required for stays of up to 90 days for United States citizens.

Slovak Republic :visa is not required for citizens of United States for a stay up to 30 days.


Did I miss anything? Hopefully not! :) I am going to bed. it is now 1;53 a.m. my time.


Extra tip: I am aware that some male chat/host/models from Slovak and the Czech Republics do meet with American visitors to show their cities *wink* Hint # 2....a Chat room, Flirt4Free is linked to Daddy's site! :)


:7 :p :7 :7 :7

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>The Czech Republic sounds hot; however, my two concerns are

>1) Safety...


:) :) As always Common sense dictates, as a foreigner in another country the basic rules to observe are:


* When in Rome; do as the Romans do!

* Be smart; be gay, but be very discrete

* Respect the accepted norms and modalities of gay-ness

* Trust your gut feelings and remember the golden rule of travel: "Brains must overrule the cock!"

* Get a map! Always know your bearing!

* Have fun; but always watch the pocketbook!

* Get a Spartacus Book, Watch Burt Wolfe on PBS and Google the net ...using:the city name, gay,safety, language,currency, weather etc And be guided accordingly!


The gay guide Spartacus have helped me in my travels tremendously in more ways than one!!! http://www.spartacusworld.com/graphics/guides/gayguide_cover.jpg




and 2) Language Barrier.


:) I really, really suggest buying this gem of a book!http://images.quickblogcast.com/39531-36457/Gay_travel_Translator_book_Cover_jpg.JPG


And oh, my travelling experience told me...the eyes, the lips, the fingers and the whole body can communicate in any language! It does not hurt if you are a hottie! :)




I've always wanted to visit Amsterdam and the Netherlands.


The Netherlands...or Paesi Bassi...Holland...Amsterdam...the red light district...the beauty of the country...the sexual freedom of the dutch people; coupled with the international hotties roaming the country!!!!! What more could you ask for? I suggest you whip out that credit card and call a respectable Gay Friendly Tourist Bureau! :)


Residing in Michigan it just seems easier to go to Montreal.


The City of Montreal ... the province of Quebec and Quebec City are my very same reasons to go to the Eastern part of Canada...every now and then ...by car... that is! :)


One final suggestion! Part of the exitement of travel is having fun trying to learn the culture, the language and the gay environment of a city. It is an educational experience by immersion...It is a rare treat to sweat out your feelings to a hottie or a local stud, who may tuen out to be the greatest fuck of your life!


Trust me...I learned more from travelling than reading books or maps! Please also note that many countries have more english speaking people (usually the young, hot ones!)today than 20 years ago!


If what I wrote here, does not convice you...maybe you should try countries where english is one of the mediums of instructions ... communication. To name some the Philippines, Hongkong, some parts of Thailand, Singapore, Australia, England, Scotland etc.


P.S. I am just suggesting as a fellow hoovillian. Go North and South; East and West, in search of individula happinesss young man! :)

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Guest alanm

There will always be safety problems in large cities. In my experience,

European large cities are safer than most American large cities. Just take the normal safety tips.


Most people in western European cities speak English, even if they are fluent in the language.


Prague, Berlin and Madrid/Barcelona would all be good choices for sex and general enjoyment. If sex is just one of your interests, try Paris, London, Rome, Amsterdam --- the great cities of Europe. I also suggest you visit for at least a week, five days is just not enough time.


Above all, fly to somewhere in Europe. You will very surprised at how easy it is to enjoy yourself in a place where you do not speak the language.

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Highlands Inn in Carmel. Around $400 per night (AAA rate) for a room with a balcony with ocean view with a beautiful bathroom and a woodburning fireplace. Incredibly romantic. It's intimate .... not crowded. The lobby is incredible with two huge fireplaces that is a great place for a late afternoon or early evening martini followed by dinner in the extraordinary Pacific's Edge restaurant which lives up to its name. There is also a more casual outdoor place on a big terrace overlooking the ocean ... you cannot go wrong here ... and there are tons of things to do in Carmel and in Monterey a short distance away.

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The currency is the crown which hovers around 30 to the pound,

>24 to the euro and 22 to the US dollar. (as of July 2008).



I cannot imagine where you got an exchange rate of 22 CZK to the U.S. dollar. The official rate today (July 17, 2008) is 14.5 to the dollar, not, 22. Those using an ATM machine will get even a lower exchange rate, considering the foreign transaction fees and all.


Reading through the remainder of your post about Prague brought back a lot of fond memories I have of that city. I visited there many times in the past. I agree that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


However, I stopped going to Prague several years ago because the gay "scene" deteriorated. Some of my friends continue to visit Prague, however, my friends visit there less and less as time goes by. The worse change in Prague is the increase in the presence of drugs. When I first began visiting Prague, I do not recall seeing drugs. During my last few trips to Prague I rarely encountered guys in the bars and around the gay areas that were not on drugs.


A couple of months ago I received an e-mail from a friend who used to go to Prague almost as much as I did. He continues to visit Prague but only a few times each year. Here is a copy of his message:


"Last night, there was a major raid at Club Temple. 30 cops in riot gear, ski masks included, stormed into the club and ordered everyone to cross their arms and remain that way for 1 hour. They trained semi-machine guns on the clients and went around the club video-taping everyone. The scene in Prague is deteriorating fast now, and I think it will be mostly gone in another year or so."


By the way, Club Temple is the new name for a once well known bar called Pinnochio's.


As I said earlier in my response, Prague is a wonderful place for sightseeing. However, for fun, one should look to other cities for that.

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I was in Prague in early December last year and found it terribly dreary. The time of year was partly to blame BUT I didn’t find the night life either interesting or entertaining. The city architecture is, however, beautiful.


If I were looking primarily for a European city with a vibrant gay scene I would go to Barcelona. It has clubs, baths, and lots of escorts. The architecture of Antonio Gaudi which most people love, I find ugly beyond belief.


Now if I were looking simply for a great city to visit for a week it would be London. The sights are fantastic and the theatre scene is wonderful. It also has some fun gay pubs and clubs. London is expensive but The Morgan is a great and reasonable Bed & Breakfast in Bloomsbury.

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Guest zipperzone

>Highlands Inn in Carmel. Around $400 per night (AAA rate) for

>a room with a balcony with ocean view with a beautiful

>bathroom and a woodburning fireplace. Incredibly romantic.


How gay friendly is it? Is there any "problem" with two guys in a room? And the $400 rate, is that per person or does it change for double occupancy?

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Thanks for the ideas so far, but please lets remember that I asked for ideas that "wouldn't break the bank".. I don't know about you, but $400 a night is a little pricey for a hotel room to me. I am sure it is very nice, but I can definitely think of better ways to spend that much money..that is why I am such a fan of priceline in Montreal...Money saved on hotel rooms=more money for boys....


so to refocus, vacation ideas with an abundance of hot available male flesh as well as interesting daytime activities that can be gotten to using Continental airline's miles. And Ideally, nice, clean hotels for around 100 US dollars or less per night.. Rio is still at the top of the list..

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Guest alanm

Given the awful exchange rate re: dollar v. euro, I suggest you take your vacation in Rio. In Europe, you will be able to find decent hotels (with some searching) for $100 a night, but food and other day-to-day expenses are very expensive.

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This is Carmel. There is nothing that isn't "gay-friendly." I've stayed there with my bf and had a great time and no one even noticed we were kissing in the pool or holding hands. It's a very small place and it's expensive enough that you don't get families with kids (thank god). It is a popular place for weddings -- gay and straight -- but those weekends can be avoided (I tend to go during the week anyway) if you ask when you reserve.


$400 per night is for the room -- not per person.

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$400 to me is what I expect to spend for something really nice that is romantic and private. Anything less and I guess I'd be at the Holiday Inn. Not for me.


Have you considered Idaho or Liberia?


As for Prague ... when I think of Prague or any other former Soviet bloc city all I can think of is HOSTEL. Enough said. Not for me.

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Everybody blanches when I recommend London. They immediately quote the awful exchange rate for the dollar to the pound. Yes London is expensive but it doesn’t have to send one to the poor house – all one need do is plan a little.


As I mentioned in my earlier post on the thread the Morgan Hotel (http://www.morganhotel.co.uk) is a great Bead & Breakfast in Bloomsbury very near the British Museum. This is a great location right near the theatre district. A large single goes for about $170 a night and includes a huge English breakfast of eggs, bacon, grilled tomato, toast, cereal and coffee or tea. One can then go for a large late lunch around 2 or 2:30 at a pub and pay around $20 to $25. I know that sounds expensive BUT one is not paying separately for breakfast and dinner can be light – soup or salad.


In Leicester Square, which is an easy walk from the Morgan, there is a Kiosk that sells half price theatre tickets. If one wants to attend the theatre it is a good idea to go to http://www.londontheatre.co.uk and see what is currently playing.


There a lot of free thing to do in London. A walk through the food courts in Harrods and Harvey Nichols is great fun and costs nothing. Window shopping on New and Old Bond Streets is also fun. One can attend a fancy auction at Christy’s and hobnob with the British and international upper crust – cost - nothing. Taking a city tour on a double-decker bus is inexpensive. The London Tourist Office offers all sorts of free and inexpensive options.


All in all even considing the rotten exchange rate London is still a great place to visit even for those of us on a budget

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goto rio, just make sure the free seats are available 1st.


I would recomend Cuba, but you want to use miles....unless you used miles on CO to mexico then miles on Copa to havana....rio is near the top of my list but still the best sex (many times over) in my life has been in Cuba... I can explain why in more detail if you like...you can rent an apt for about 20-30 a night and have a guy that will be with you all day for about 20-30 depending on how generous you are feeling, plus food. I have a friend from LAX that goes with me sometimes and he offers the guys $4-$5, but thats just being cheap in my eyes, the generally accepted price is $20...and by the way, they do go with him for his prices.


If you PM me you email I can send you some nice pics of the guys in Cuba, or Rio if you want.


When do you plan on going?

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Guest alanm

That's a perfect vacation because Amsterdam and Paris are such beautiful cities. In addition, almost everyone in Amsterday speaks English. Also, the two European cities do not have the crime problems that Rio has. I have been to Rio twice, but it would not be my first choice for a first vacation outside North America.


In many ways, this frequent flier vacation question is frustrating because we do not know what cities the airline serves from Arizona, except Montreal and Rio.

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ON THAT BUDGET...From AZ...I would do NYC or P-TOWN (OR BOTH)for a change of scene. CALL P-Town Chambers of Commerce> there is a budget strip motel on the Truro border that is a walking distance bargin (tried it because had dogs) was CHEAP and GREAT (at the time there was an OPEN BEACH across the street).

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Amsterdam is a place I wanted to visit many years ago.. Back in the day so to speak.. The old Blueboy club was the thing that originally sparked my interest. Actually, I had started planning a trip several years to Amsterdam several years ago, but then 911 happened, and all thoughts of traveling overseas disappeared. Since then, the dollar has continued to plummet. The blueboy club has closed down. And from what I have read, Amsterdam has become more "homogenized" and less HOMO...


To give some more info about what I am looking for, and looking to spend.. I guess I can compare with what my average budget is for Montreal....


airfare will be taken care of with miles

hotel in montreal, i usually spend anywhere from 50-80 per nite (gotta love priceline)

For expenses (food, drink, fun, boys,etc), I usually average 250-300 per day).. (some days more, some days less


I want someplace with fun, interesting things to do during they day, and plenty of hot sexy, cute boys to sample during the nites.. and for anyone who isnt familiar with my tastes, I like younger (18-mid-20's) type, smooth, twinks


I am planning to taking vacation sometime between late October and early December...

so now, with these new parameters in place, what comes to mind???

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Guest alanm

Europe, especially northern Europe in quite cold in November. Also, it gets dark earlier in the afternoons at that time of the year in northern Europe than the USA. In other words, it's not an ideal time to visit for sightseeing. But, that's not your major goal, so that time of the year will be in your favor for hotel prices, but not food.


I have not been to Europe in November or December for years, so someone else can answer whether or not the clubs, strip clubs in Berlin and Prague are less popular in the winter. I did visit Holland two years ago. It is not the gay paradise it once was. Because of their beautiful canals etc., cities like Amsterdam, Venice and St. Petersburg lose much of their physical charm in the winter.

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I was also in Prague last December, after Christmas. I found it anything but dreary. I bought a Czech language guide a couple of weeks before and learned a small number of words and phrases -- probably less than 100 all told. Learning a few a day made it easy but I found that saying even a few words of Czech would bring smiles to the faces of those who live in the country I was visiting.


The weather was cold enough that I needed to buy a hat. That was an interesting exchange with a very cute, very young salesman who did not speak English. I could have made it more efficient but he was cute enough to linger. :D


I went out to the bars a little but mainly found escorts who were interesting to me and would come to me or act as guides as well as companions. I also hired one very cute taxi driver to take me all over the city. All in all, I had a blast. It's a marvelous, beautiful city and worth going to entirely on that basis alone. The people I met were interesting, fun, cordial and helpful. The escorts were hot and sexy.


It's not a bargain-basement vacation but it's cheaper than the Euro-zone, that's for sure.


Go to Rio. Get a visa, buy a book on Portuguese and learn a little bit of the language. You may well find yourself in places in Rio where people do not speak the language. I needed to tell a young (and hot!) taxi driver how to find my hotel at 4:00 am one morning. We were in Ipanema, my hotel was in Copacabana and he didn't speak any English. My meager Portuguese got us through the task and we arrived at my hotel laughing at our mutual success.


You need to be concerned about personal safety no matter where you go. Rio has a great deal of crime and it is foolish to pretend that it doesn't. However, you can take very simple steps to help prevent yourself from becoming a victim. Many are the same that you would use in any big city:


* Don't take all of your money with you while walking around. Use the safe in your room or, if there isn't one, a safe deposit box at the front desk of your hotel.


* Don't wear expensive jewelry or watches. While traveling, I wear exactly one thing of this sort: a $50 Timex Indiglo watch. It's clear at a glance that it's not worth stealing, it's rock-solid reliable and it lights up if I want to know what time it is during a late night flight when the lights are down low on the plane.


* Don't take your passport around with you. Make a photocopy of it and carry that. Leave the passport in the safe or safe deposit box.


* Make photocopies of your credit cards or write down the numbers. Carry the numbers you need to call to report them stolen, too.


* Don't carry all of your credit cards with you while wandering around. Always leave yourself a way home or to safety if your wallet is stolen. If I'm really concerned about theft in a city, I may carry a small amount of cash in a front pocket and leave my wallet behind. I'll carry more cash (the equivalent of a couple hundred dollars, usually), one credit card and an ID inside one of my socks or in a traveler's pouch that is concealed inside my pants.


* Look at the clothes that locals are wearing. In many places, people don't wear shorts the way that Americans do. If you dress in a way that will identify you as a tourist, you make yourself a target. Better to be more inconspicuous.


* If you want to bring a camera on a walking tour of a city, bring a small point and shoot. If you don't have one, look at the Casio Exlim models. They're small, inexpensive, extremely functional, support video as well as still shots, and take quite good pictures. I will usually bring a Nikon and a couple of decent lenses with me on a trip but I won't carry it just walking around unless I'm going to an area where I'll be comfortable with that. At other times, I'll take a Casio and I'm seldom disappointed with quality of the photos. Nothing marks you as a tourist faster than carrying a big, expensive camera.


You get the idea. Tons of travel books will have lots of good suggestions. If you're used to big cities, other big cities will tend to have more in common than not. Just be smart and always aware of your surroundings.

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Guest alanm

Boston Guy,


I've spent five months in Europe in the winter visiting every western European country. Conversely, I been to Europe for approximately the same time in the late spring, summer and early fall. I stand by my statement that Europe is cold and dreary in the winter. Your passion for self improvement, a very good thing, does not change the fact that

Europe is a much more enjoyable place to visit in months other than November through March.

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It's just a case of different strokes for different folks.


I like Europe in the spring and fall, not so much in summer. But I like it at least as much in the middle of the winter and sometimes more. The crowds are thin, the air is cold and crisp, people are patient and happy to see a visitor -- I think there's very much to like about Europe in the winter.


One of best vacations I've ever had -- and I've taken many -- was a visit to Paris and Chamonix for two weeks straddling New Years. The memories from that vacation will never leave me.

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---I will more than likely be spending 5 or so nights, and would like to find someplace that won't "break the bank".


>Highlands Inn in Carmel. Around $400 per night (AAA rate) for

>a room with a balcony with ocean view with a beautiful

>bathroom and a woodburning fireplace.


It's nice to hear that the economy has left some members of this board relatively unscathed if $400/night can be considered affordable accommodations to some. I consider myself to be doing fairly well, but I've never paid anywhere near such a sum for a hotel room--not even for an all-inclusive.

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