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Eurasian Studs!!!!!!!

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I love beautiful faces of any race.But i am intrigued by the beauty of Eurasian men...they are simply stunning and have a blend of physical qualities that mesmerizes a lot of people, including me! :)


Well...pictures are better than a thousand words. So here goes:

Mr. Big: Sassan Shokouhi (Filipino/Iranian ) I hope the Ayatollahs won't hang him for these photos :)





One of the 69 "hot, new bachelors" of Cosmopolitan [Phils.] magazine this year who is destined to be big is Sassan Shokouhi, a 22-year-old Filipino-Iranian model. He is the new face of Eskinol Master Facial Cleanser billboards in the city. The 6'3"-tall hunk also appeared during the Air 69 Bachelors' Bash of the magazine - in shiny green tights, so tight you can decipher what he's up to. Such a tease.


Carlos Agassi (Filipino/Iranian)





Richard Gutierrez (Filipino/Spanish)



Andrew Wolfe (Filipino/American)



Sam Milby (Filipino/American)



Piolo Pascual (Filipino/German)





Zak Van Hognesch (Filipino/Dutch)




Jake Cuenca (Filipino/Spanish)



Derek Ramsey (Filipino/American)


Brent Javier (Filipino/Canadian)



Lex AKA Muscle Prince (Filipino/American)



Jerome Ortiz (Filipino/German/Spanish)


Troy Montero (Filipino/American)





Craig Wing (Filipino/Australian)



Michael Copon (Filipino/Spanish)



Jericho Rosales (Filipino/Spanish)



Polo Ravales Gruenberg (Filipino/German)



Chris Fiel (Filipino/Japanese/American)


Einar Ingebrigsten (Filipino/German)





And I can not help but post a picture of typical Filipino actors and models:

Victor Basa


ZanJoe Menudo


Gerald Belarmino


John Lopez


Enchong Dee (Not Eurasian but a blend of (Filipino/Chinese)


Marco Alcaraz


And another non Eurasian (Filipino/Chinese)

Brent Chua



Edward Mendes


Jay R AKA Gaudencio Aquino Silona


Carlo Noel Buenaventura


Rocky Salumbides (Filipino/?)





I started with Filipinos...if I have the time, i will post Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, malaysian and Chinese Eurasians in the future...or who knows? maybe...just maybe! Tonight? :)


I hope you like the photographs...it took me more than two hours to post them :) Actually, I miss the pictures of beautiful people posted by a member entitled. "Eye Candy" I hope he brings it back! :)

I kept posting photographs of people and after a few minutes, i would notice the magical X appears; while the photos disappear! :( Bummer! :)


:) I am sure my thread will have a lot of traffic! :p Please comment, so I know which type of male photographs to post next time :)






:7 :7 :7 :7 :7

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>Thanks for the eye candy. Yum. :9

:-) :-) :-) :-)


I got more coming! Thanks for the nice comment!:-) :-) :-) :-)

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>I have always thought hybrids were the best, you have proved

>Mr. Macho!




:-) :-) :-) :-)

Actually, just like the Hybrid car...I heard some of these hunks can handle gasoline or electrical battery charging! *wink:


My insight of Filipino men : Anyone is DOable! Actually, the idea of sila-sila;kami-kami which references having sex with another gay man, is a recent phenomenon in the country in existence, maybe the last 15-20 years! Originally gay men in the Philippines only have sex with str8 men! LOL Figure that cultural image...:)


I have personally known lots of soceity boys, actors.models (maybe even in the rural areas too) in the big cities, who would have sex with a gay man for various reasons: a fat allowance, a modelling contract or a juicy film role, and when they are drunk and dont know you are gay! This is very similar to the societal understanding of gay sex in many Arab cultures -- gay sex is a cultural and a growing up process for boys (men too!) There is no known research for this phenomenon... And oh, the philippines just like SOME Asian countries do not find it weird to see boy/men holding hands or holding each others shoulders in public!


But as a caveat! If you fancy a boy/man (18 years old and above please!) do not...repeat DO NOT be obvious in your attention. he will run away-- because you are touching his Machismo (They have Spain to thank for this Latin trait!)




The Philippines can compare with Bangkok to exotic gay scenes. fares (round trip coach maybe had from $800 -$1,500 round trip) depending on where you buy the tickets! I go to Asian wholesellers :)


Hotels are very reasonable...B & B from $50 a day to luxury hotels that costs $250 + a night!. LOL I transgressed too much! But I am sure a lot of members will be intrigued by what I posted! :) Note the Philippines have many sights and places listed in the book 1,000 Places to visit Before you Die! My suggestion, befriend a local -- expect to pay for his way round when he accompnies you! :) as a courtesy of course!

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:-) :-) :-) :-)

A tangent question...Whom of these two studs: Brent Javier or Rafael Rossell (Filipino raised in Denmark) do you prefer to have in your arms?


Maybe the word physically fit, toned, buffed or muscular or beefy comes to mind when comparing the two stud?




I just want to know...cause, at times maybe, my notion of a good body is different from the general populace! :)


I will actually schedule both, time and budget permitting! You know the drill: dinner, parties, and social events that could tell the studs, you are someone to reckon with! (another cultural notation prevalent in the archipelago! If you are gay and are a rich man, powerful official, sophisticated soceity mover -- then you have nothing to worry about... your batting average: It is close to 99.99 % most of the time, unless you look so horrendous or smell bad, that no one would dare be with you inspite of who you are! :) :)



:-) :-) :-) :-)

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>>Thank you PegASIAN


>IT is "PEGASIAN" because I collect PEGASUS (winged

>horses) and NOT because I "PEG" ASIANS (EXCLUSIVELY

>that IS)




:-) :-) :-) Ray Ko


BTW, if you would go to the Philippines, try to avoid the night club, Pegasus! Guest relation Officers, a sweet term for escorts in this club are all are females ...for the discerning gentlemen with wads of money!. Your side of the coin would be the bars of Timog Avenue in the Manila and Cuenca street in Cebu! look for advertisements surreptitiously hidden under the terms: massage therapist, physical culturist, models and macho dancers! :)


:7 :7 :7 :7 :7

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A Craigs List poster posted this announcement!

Looking for masculine Asian or Eurasian men who want great bj (castro / upper market)



Reply to: pers-755525457@craigslist.org

Date: 2008-07-14, 10:52PM PDT




and no BS

I am attractive GWM with salt and pepper hair, workout, blue blue eyes

and talented hands and tongue

Send me your info and lets do it





it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

PostingID: 755525457


He was very specific, was he not? ?

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>How about Gerald, who I think is pure Filipino:



:-) :-) :-) :-)

Are you refering to Gerald Anderson?




Here is a bit of infor I gathered about this hottie!

Filipino actor who used to be a contestant on the reality television first season of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition. His father is Randy Anderson, a American while his mother is Evangeline Opsima, a Filipina. Gerald also has a younger brother, Kenneth, and two older sisters from his mother's first marriage, Jen and Darling. When he was three years old, he and his family moved to San Antonio, Texas, and then to Missouri when he was six. Finally, when he was 14, they moved back to the Philippines in General Santos City, which he now calls home.

He rose to fame when he placed third overall in the first Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition with 293,234 votes. He was billed as the Amboy a term that could mean parented by a Filipino/American couple or raised in the USA Hottie from GenSan (short for the city General Santos in Cotabato).



Based on this mini bio. he qualifies as a Eurasian! :) Thanks I missed posting his pics. :)



:-) :-) :-) :-) :7 :7 :7 :-) :-) :-)

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:-) :-) :-) :-)


HOT! Yes! I remember him from the Jungle Book! Thanks for the reminder!:-) :-) :-) :-)

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Point of order!


Isn't a Filipino a Pacific Islander instead of Asian?

Iranian would be Persian, not European.


Whatever, I like the pics. I'm a big fan of mixed race.

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>Point of order!


>Isn't a Filipino a Pacific Islander instead of Asian?

>Iranian would be Persian, not European.


>Whatever, I like the pics. I'm a big fan of mixed race.



:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Thanks for the comment Pwit.

Technically, a Eurasian is a child of mixed races.(one Caucasian and one Asian. By further definition of the word, eurasian, Strictly speaking, the term "Eurasian" may refer to one of two things. The first definition pertains to a person from Europe or Asia, especially in the regions where the demarcation between the two continents is vague. The second refers to a person of combined European (Caucasian) and Asian ancestry. The term Asian in the context of the word Eurasian, refers to a geographical identity i.e. Asiia mainland, South east Asia, etc. I agree the Filipinos are lumped together with other people of the pacific under the umbrella, A pacific islander (Note it is always preceded by the word Asian.) The is the definition mostly used today.


As to the people of Iran or old Persia, India, Pakistan etc. There was a court decision before (belive it or not!) to define their ancestry as European or Aryan! I did not define this. :)


Taken in the contemporary context of a person with mixed ethnicity, the term "Eurasian" most likely originated from British colonizers who settled in India. Children born of Anglo fathers and local mothers were called Eurasian. Nowadays, the term is an umbrella for all individuals whose racial heritage is taken from both the west and the east. Filipino-White mestizos, Thai-White luk kreung, and even the Hawaiian Polynesian-White hapa can all fall under this category.


Statistically, although there is a considerable number of Eurasians or Anglo-Indians in India, the largest population of Eurasians in the world can be found in Southeast Asia. European colonizers left people of Spanish, Dutch, German, Portuguese, and French ancestry in this region, especially in the Malay peninsula. In some cases, these people have formed separate and tightly-knit communities, with their own traditions and cultures, perhaps due in part to the initial distrust given them by locals and foreigners alike.


Examples of these communities include the Kristang or Cristao of Malaysia and Singapore (Portuguese and Malay) and the Macanese of Macau (Portuguese and Chinese). Such groups have maintained distinct languages and cuisines and are likely to marry from within their own social subset.


In the more recent past, especially in places touched by war, children with mixed western and eastern features are looked down upon because they are seen as the children of soldiers and prostitutes - children of the nightmares of war. Perceived as constant reminders of hard times, these "G.I. babies" grow up unaccepted and shunned by local society. In fact, it was only in the 1990s that a lot of racially mixed Thais were even granted citizenship.


Interestingly, it seems the tables have now turned. Eurasians have become hot commodities in most fields which revel under the public eye and flourish as models, actors, entertainers, etc. The Eurasian face has now become de riguer in many Asian countries. In the Philippines, for instance, with its long history of Spanish colonization, Eurasian features have become the standard of beauty. The fair skin, tall stature, and aquiline nose are almost prerequisites for a career in the entertainment industry.


Like you, I am an avid admirer of Eurasian beauties: males or females. :) Thanks for bring up your point!




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Thanks for the education.


>As to the people of Iran or old Persia, India, Pakistan etc.

>There was a court decision before (belive it or not!) to

>define their ancestry as European or Aryan! I did not define

>this. :)


Very interesting...do you have any links where one could read more on this? Very curious as to why such a case would even go to court.

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>Thanks for the education.


>>As to the people of Iran or old Persia, India, Pakistan


>>There was a court decision before (belive it or not!) to

>>define their ancestry as European or Aryan! I did not


>>this. :)


>Very interesting...do you have any links where one could read

>more on this? Very curious as to why such a case would even

>go to court. my answer! This is America, the land where many unorthodox situations/conditions/cases/or what not are decided by the courts!




:-) :-) :-) :-)

In my high school history class. there was a teacher who taught us, that an Indian National, went to court to question the discriminatory practices of the then US government, claiming that he is not Asian, but Aryan (belonging to the white race) He won the case and there were newspaper clippings that proved his contentions


I post most of the times with stock knowledge. At the back of my mind, there was a case where the courts decided Indians are Aryans or Caucasians; but honestly never thought of the exact supreme court case, till you raised the question!


But, I would like to refer you to some links on the net.



Please refer to this paragraph"


"...In its decision in the case of U.S. v. Bhagat Singh Thind (1923), the Supreme Court deemed Indians ineligible for citizenship because U.S. law allowed only free whites to become naturalized citizens. The court conceded that Indians were "Caucasians" and that anthropologists considered them to be of the same race as white Americans..."


I now remember this was the case my teacher in US history was referring to. So you see PWIT...There was inded a court decision refering to Indians from the Indian subcontinet as Aryans or caucasians...as a tangent point...so are Persians (Iranians etc.)[/]



Here are other reading for you PWIT









Please refer to this paragraph:


"...However, Indians were still considered to be of Aryan descent and hence could not be excluded based on their race (Europeans were considered to be of Aryan descent too)."


:) Thank you for your very good points and for asking me for proof that the Aryan racial issue reached the US courts sometime in the past! :)


Thank you PWIT! I also appreciate your response and comments to my post! :)


:-) :-) :-)

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:-) :-) :-)


Andrew Wolf seem to be a very popular model in Asia. I actually droll when I see his photos. Lol:_:-) :-) :-)

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The pics of Cain in the long hair on the phone are from the very 1st episode of Lois and Clark. He never looked hotter.


I did always think that he needed to work on his abs more. Yes, flat tummy but no real abs .... I really like the defined abs look.

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