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Chief Dicks Cracks Down on Exposed Butts

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Guest ncm2169

How many puns can you ... ? Well, here goes! }(


From the Flint, Michigan website:


Interim Police Chief David R. Dicks has gotten as much reaction as he probably expected -- and more derision than he deserves -- for his announced crackdown on sagging drawers.


Dicks told The Flint Journal last week that Flint police will begin arresting people whose pants or shorts droop too low, exposing their hind ends. He said the enforcement is in response to "significant'' complaints from citizens.


This new law enforcement priority has brought a variety of responses.


To some, who view sagging as nothing more than a ridiculous fashion fad that will eventually fade away on its own, the chief's pronouncement is the kind of silliness that once again has made Flint the butt of jokes, so to speak.


But plenty of others think Dicks' action is overdue. In an entirely unscientific poll on our Web site, more than 1,400 readers responded and the majority said they support the chief.


We tend to side with those who see sagging as a sign of social deterioration, and we welcome the issue being raised by someone in a leadership role.


Really, what Dicks is trying to create is a higher expectation for our youth, and we're not talking about the altitude of their belt loops. We're talking about a generation of young people who have not been taught proper respect for themselves or others, and their anti-social behavior, in the form of sagging, reflects their lack of values.

That is why some communities around the country have taken steps to ban people from wearing their pants too low.


Most schools have likewise stepped in to require students to wear their pants up around their waists, where they belong, and that is a particularly appropriate setting for enforcing standards of dress.


Trying to bring that enforcement out onto the streets is another matter, however.


We're with Dicks in spirit on this one, but we don't see how the Flint Police Department can treat sagging as a priority, given the shortage of officers and the severity of crime in the community.


In fact, we don't see this as a law enforcement issue at all. It's more a matter of trying to re-establish cultural norms.


The reason Dicks' announcement sits well with so many people is that it reflects society's desire to grab these young men, knock them upside the head and say, "Listen, people who value themselves and are serious about succeeding in life don't walk around with their pants around their knees."


The fact that we have a generation raised so poorly that they disrespect themselves and others in this way is a shame -- but not a crime.

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