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Dallas Hotels any advice thanks

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It's been a number of years since I left Dallas, but I'd concur about the Melrose for sure, and probably the Stoneleigh, if it's still operating. I wouldn't think that there are specific hotels, but anywhere in Oaklawn or around Cole Avenue, should work because it was the gay ghetto in the 70s, and more than likely, still is.

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>There are several that I know.

>The Melrose on Oak Lawn and Cedar Springs is popular.

>The Renaissance on I35

>Hilton Anatole on I35


>These three are popular and are all located close or are in

>the Gayborhood.




All good choices...I live a few blocks from the Melrose. In general if you stick to the Market Center area you should be able to find a decently priced hotel.


- Jason Carter - Dallas, TX

- jasoncarter53@hotmail.com

- (972) 365-0120

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Guest RianB

The W in Victory Park is bad ass...but also several along stemmons freeway (35, the directions call it stemmons) thats nice too, like Sheraton, Mariott, doubletree. If you driving; the galleria area also has some good ones (sheration, doubletree, hilton lincoln) and some action too.


Of course you didnt mention what star rating you were looking for, the Anatole seems to be overated, stayed there with a friend from Manchester...But off the top of my head the Melrose is the closest one to the action literally walking distance, something rather uncommon here.


look at me...being a tour guide for dallas, who woulda ever thought ;)

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Years ago, when the Anatole was virtually brand new, I stayed there on a trip to DAL. When I got into the cab at the airport I couldn't remember the name of the hotel and told him to take me to the Hotel Ayatollah. This was when the Iranian hostage situation was still fresh in the memories of all Americans. The cab driver turn around and looked at me and then said he was from Iran. At first I thought, well, I have opened my big mouth even if inadvertently but, as it turned out, he was an escapee from Khomeini and we had a nice chat about foreign affairs enroute to the hotel. You never know.


At the time, I thought he hotel was pretty nice.


Best regards,


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Recently I was in the "Big D" on business. I stayed at the Mansion on

Turtle Creek. Reasonably priced rooms. Although they were a little

dated and too "80's Texas Glam" for my taste, they were clean, big,

and nice none-the-less. Kind of like the rooms at the Bellagio in Vegas.


The amazing part about the hotel was the service. They seemed to

anticipate my every need and were 2 steps ahead of me all the time.

That rare balance of being helpful without being intrusive.


I asked then to arrange a car for me to use while I was in town. When

I came down for breakfast the next day, I was met by a stunningly

handsome man, dressed to the hilt (think Men at Play). He handed me

the keys to a beautiful convertible Porsche. We chatted and I invited him

to breakfast. Undeniably straight, but charming through out the meal.


I wanted to work out. They directed me to new local Equinox. When I

walked in, you would have thought I was visiting royalty. Didn't pay a cent

(Hell, in NYC I can't get in as a visitor at Equinox no matter how much I'm

willing to pay) and the staff bent over backwards to make sure I had a good



Whenever I came back to the hotel, they'd ask me when I needed the car

again, and it was waiting for me, engine running, door open and top down.

Every time. Right on time.


I needed a haircut after work and before dinner. They set up an appointment

with a cute young Cuban man at his Salon after closing. He was charming, polite,

and couldn't do enough to make sure I got exactly the cut I wanted.


Dinner with friends at the newest hot spot in town?...no problem.


Access to a museum show I was dying to see, but couldn't get to during regular

hours?...one of the curators met me at the back door for a private tour.


I know this post seems a little odd, but the service at the Mansion was truly

impeccable. They made my stay in Dallas wonderful.


In case you're wondering, I'm nobody special. Just a nice guest who doesn't

hesitate to ask for what he wants. The Mansion exceeded my every whim.

Too say the least I was impressed. Service like that you rarely see in America.


Their service was so amazing, I was tempted to ask them to set up my escorts

for me. In retrospect...I wish I had! My choices were adequate, but hardly 5 star.


Despite the dated rooms, which normally would be a deal killer for me, it still gets

my highest recommendation for the place to stay in Dallas.

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I travel to Dallas frequently on business and would agree with Nycman about the Mansion on Turtle Creek. I use to stay frequently at the Melrose as it is convenient to the heart of the Oak Lawn Gayborhood and many bars. It is a bit of an older fashioned gem, but has a nice lounge with live music on several evenings. My reason for not going there anymore is the fire/ EMS station which feels like it is located just outside the hotel as it is loud when the trucks head out with sirens blazing. If I want to be in downtown, you cannot go wrong with the Mansion or the Hotel Zaza. Both have exemplary service, great rooms, good food, good bars, great spas, although the latter can get pricey depending on the time. Look for internet and package deals. When I don't want to be in the traffic mess, I opt for something about a mile outside of downtown call the Hotel Belmont. It is a retro 60's style hotel with a modern interpretation. Reasonably priced. Ask for a garden suite which has a great jucuzzi tub for two and a huge picture window with the best view from the hilltop looking at downtown. Great live music at the pool on Thursday's in summer, great bar, and great restaurant. Hope you have some fun. Keep us posted if this is a bit of a business trip for you, so we Texans can show you a bit of southern hospitality!

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Agreed plus a few more.


I'm a Dallas resident and agree with your recommendations and would like to add the Hilton in downtown along with the Adolphus if you're into a more traditional setting. I have been to the Jewell which is very new but a bit pricey though very nice and extremely modern with a pool that extends over the sidewalk below. The W in Victory Park/American Airlines Center is one of my favorites and located in a very new and upcoming area of downtown which I would highly recommend.


Hope this helps!



There are several that I know.

The Melrose on Oak Lawn and Cedar Springs is popular.

The Renaissance on I35

Hilton Anatole on I35


These three are popular and are all located close or are in the Gayborhood.

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