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Very Funny Blog - Stuff White People Like


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This is one of the funniest blogs I've ever been forwarded by a friend in a long time. Some may find it offensive but if that's the case then perhaps they lack a sense of humor and irony. For me more than a few of these entries are just absolutely right on target with the comment sections even funnier.





Among my favorites:


#76 - Bottled Water

#75 - Threatening to move to Canada

#73 - Gentrificatiton

#62 - Knowing what's best for poor people

#60 - Toyota Prius

#48 - Whole Foods Market and Grocery Co-ops

#46 - The Sunday New York Times

#40 - Apple Products

#30 - Wrigley Field

#28 - Not having a TV

#26 - Manhattan (now Brooklyn too!)

#20 - Being an expert on YOUR culture

#18 - Awareness

#12 - Non-Profit Organizations

#8 - Barack Obama

#7 - Diversity

#5 - Farmer's Markets

#2 - Religions their parents don't belong to

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Well, I for one do not buy bottled water. All those empty bottles become garbage plus you have to make and ship them using more petro chemicals. I use a Britta filter even though my tap water is perfectly fine. Other than that, I think I'm guilty of everything else. Jeeesh! I'm so white!

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