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Chicago Bakery/Restaurant "Diana?"

Guest ncm2169
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Guest ncm2169

Years ago I had the pleasure of eating several times at a Greek Restaurant/Bakery in Chicago called "Diana." It was there that I learned to love Baklava. To Die For!!:9 :9 :9


Can the Windy City natives here (or visitors) tell me if it is still in business?

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RE: Chicago Bakery/Restaurant "Diana?"


Hmmm not sure but I think Diana on Halsted might be closed. Not sure as I don't get down to Greektown very often. But I'm pretty sure the Pan - Hellenic Pastry shop on Halsted is still there and they sell Baklava.


But for a great variety of great Baklava I'd recommend visiting one of the middle eastern sweet shops on Kedzie ave, around Lawrence ave. Albany Park is ethnically very diverse. Along Lawrence are dozens of Korean restaurants but there at Kedize seems to be a subneighborhood of lebanese and other middle eastern restaurants, bakeries, and hookah stores. You can get a dozen loaves of piping hot whole wheat pita bread for a buck! A couple blocks south of Lawrence is the Kedzie Ave. stop on the brown line. The ride on the 'L' is also a good one as it starts downtown winding through the Skyscrapers of the loop and by the time it gets accross the river to Albany Park it is ground level with grade crossings. The restaurant at the corner of Lawrence and Kedzie is open 24 hours so you can always get your Baklava fix. And for fantastic meat it's hard to beat one of the Halal (arabic version of Kosher) butchers in the area.


There are also places to get Baklava on the southside along 63rd street around coincidentally Kedzie ave and sporadically westwards into the southwest suburbs.


There also are a few middle eastern stores and restaurants around and along Clark street near Foster in Andersonville. Andersonville was at one time very swedish and now has just about everything else and lots of middle eastern, gay and lesbian businesses, people and clubs.


Baklava and it's cousins can also be found along Devon ave. Devon is a very ethnically mixed street and around western avenue has dozens of Indian and Pakistani restaurants, Sari shops and several sweet shops that usually have Baklava like things along with the Rozmalai and Golab Jamun. There is even a Geogian Bakery selling their version of Baklava called lobiani or something like that.


When done satisfying your food needs on Devon you can head a couple miles east to Devon and Clark where there is a little clump of fun and fetishistic gay bars and a good fetish shop, Mephisto Leathers. A block away is the Leather Archives and museum.


Hmmm seems I've strayed quite a ways from Dianas in Greektown.

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Guest Tristan

>Years ago I had the pleasure of eating several times at a

>Greek Restaurant/Bakery in Chicago called "Diana." It was

>there that I learned to love Baklava. To Die For!!:9

>:9 :9



If you like Baklava, you have to try a lesser known Greek pastry called, Galactobouriko. It's harder to find, but worth looking for. The pastry is flaky like Baklava, but less sweet. If you don't see it on the menu in a Greek restaurant and ask for it, you'll impress your waiter/waitress that you know about it. A lot of people who like Greek food never heard of it.

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Diana's Is Closed


GOOGLE says Diana's is closed. I had a very nice dinner there with family once, years ago. These days I head to Greek Islands in Fort Lauderdale; it is superb. (At Oakland and the beach. They get the tomatoes for their salads from a special secret local garden, and the tomatoes are the sweetest, most tender, best tomatoes you have ever had, all year, every year. With feta cheese, sliced cucumbers and onions, green peppers, and black olives from brine, you think you have gone to heaven. With home made bread and sweet butter. Shrimp and baklava are also superb.)

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