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Anyone into decorating out there?

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My partner and I moved into a new place a few months ago. It has a nice sized bathroom that we would like to have a "spa" feel to it.


It has a decent sized window. My partner is very particular about privacy, but I really don't want curtains or blinds, so we've covered the window with a rice paper adhesive. We're pleased the way it has turned out. I was afraid it might be tacky, but we've had several positive comments on it.


The problem we're having is the paint color. As I mentioned, we want a "spa" feel to the room and want to use our luxurious white towels. The floor tile is off-white/cream colored with brown through it.


Before we moved in, I had the bathroom painted and chose a brown to match the color in the tile. I'm not pleased with how it turned out. It's a medium brown, called "LaFonda Earth" and is just blah.


Should I use an additional color and do some type of faux finish on top of it? If so, what color/shade, etc.


Or should I choose a different solid color; perhaps a deeper, richer brown?


I'd greatly appreciate any thoughts out there!

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Guest RandyRon

Design at a distance without seeing the room is very dangerous. A few things to keep in mind as you approach the problem:


Dark walls will make the room seem smaller.

Trying to match items such as tiles is almost impossible. It's better to go with a contrasting or much lighter/darker shade of the same color than to do a match. If the match isn't exact it can look like a "tried and missed."

Do you want the room to seem warm? If so go with creams,reds, and brown shades. If you want a cool room, use blue or green shades.

With a cream floor and white towels, the possibilities are endless.


Good luck and post a picture.

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I agree with RR about design at a distance.


With that creme/brown tile, I'd be tempted to try a subtle green. (More sage than '76 Pinto.) Add a couple of tasteful plants and you've still got something that's earthy and restful but it's the color of something living instead of the color of dirt. ;-)


Shower curtains can be a good way to audition colors without getting really invested.

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I'm an earth colour guy. One thing to think about, and its something that I noticed when I used to mix paints for cars. If you decide to uses two different colours try to select colours that have similar tints in them. For example, there are many shades of white out there, and some use blue, yellow, red, organge, and some whits will have as many as 7 different tints in them. My point is, if you have a wall that is white, and you are going to do another wall in a blue, then use a white that has blue tints in it.

Keep in mind I am very conservative when it comes to colours, but I think its worth considering.

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I like white walls, a futon, bean bag and something sturdy for the over sized paper weight in the corner. I call it frat boy minialmist or however it's spelled. u





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I do understand the danger in design at a distance. And it's a good idea to post some pics .. so I'll try to get on that.


Beyond that, the various ideas thrown around already are exactly what I'm looking for. It's great to get some other opinions ... even if they are tentative without seeing the room.


Thanks ... and keep your ideas coming!

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