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technical help-burning a DVD

CT Dick
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You're going to need to get a program that allows you to convert your files into something your DVD player can read. In the last few years, when I've bought a computer, the bundled software has contained such a program like Nero, Roxio, Ashampoo etc. If you have such a program, look up how you can make your own DVD on it, most such programs will let you import common vid files like WMP/AVI etc to compile them on to a DVD.


Another option would be to convert your files to DivX format, which can be read by most recently made DVD players. If your DVD player has DivX on it, then google convert (your file format) to DivX and see what programs pop up.


I've done this a lot so feel free to PM me if you want/need more info/advice! :)



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Your starting point, believe it or not, is the manual for your DVD player. There are many video standards, none of them actually standard, and you need to provide files that your DVD player understands.


Once you know what you need to provide, you can Google for converters that will take what you've got and make what you need.


Alanalt gave you good marching orders, but the part he didn't mention is establishing the baseline of what your player supports.


You mention WVP clips. I don't know that format. Did you mean WMP clips? If so, the W stands for Windows. You'll probably want to convert to MP3.


But you need first to figure out what your player will understand.

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RE: technical help-burning a DVD-the answer


Here's an update: I have found out the DVD is a format, in itself. There are converters available on line that will convert from WMV and other formats to DVD.


I found one with a trial download (but the picture was watermarked). It costs $49.00 to register the software.


The problem is that a video clip that looks good on a computer screen doesn't expand well to a TV set. The DVD played for me but the picture was VERY grainy.



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