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I am a little skeptical about this post but here goes

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i may be a little paranoid or caught up but i am new here and i feel like something is wrong or contrived in the deli forum


it has to do with rough riders posts maybe i am suspicious because i am an escort in San Francisco but it seems to me something is not right

this is what i almost posted in the latest posting by rr but decided to start a new thread


as i read these posts i see from the start an obvious attempt by some one to stir the pot.

i may be wrong

and i hope i am

but if you line up all rough riders posts they all have a strange theme.


they have very little to do with gaining information about escorts.


rr is defending and acting and being too aggressive at times.

then being nice then trying to explain.

i am confused and caught up in it and now...

i am apprehensive about posting this as i want to be fair

but this seems really fishy.

i have not been on here long so maybe people with years of experience could go through the threads and kinda give a gut reaction,

to what they are feeling about this thread, thats been beaten to a pulp.

i am not trying to offend anyone but i just feel like this guy is not real no one could be this bizzare could they... do people post on here and behave that way often right from the start and then continue to say such insulting

i am really offended again just by his constant superior attitude about escorts saying that their comments have no value.

anyway i think i will just stay out of these forums for a while

...... i mean after all i am just an escort my opinion matters not and make this board useless to the clients who are trying to find a hot piece of ass whom is god like and knows he is less than human and only needed for a sex not for conversation or insight just a hot piece of meat thats all that really matters right .........right ...........


what really matters is that this guy may have duped us all and may be a fraud maybe even an escort himself at best a very confused man. i am confused now too and should probably just back off.

lastly i want to say that i am slightly addicted to reading this forum.

its a very important community

i feel like i finally found a place where i can be connected and accepted and free to communicate who i am and what i feel

even in San Francisco people can be a bit judgmental or just unaware so just a thought and a bit of plea for advice on this matter

sorry for the novel i am at a point where i am questioning my participation here.

with only good intentions


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David I haven't taken a look at the thread or person you've mentioned but I will when I get home. But if what you say has been said or implied about us working guys just being a piece of ass and what we think doesn't matter that can be further from the truth, at least in my experience as well as yours if you stick around. Our opinions matter just as much as any other poster on this board. There have been countless times I haven't agreed with posts but that didn't mean their opinion didn't matter. I hope you don't go and chose to stay and contribute. Well I better get off this phone before my thumbs fall off and the coffee shop closes for the night.





http://seaboy4hire.tripod.com http://www.daddysreviews.com/newest.php?who=greg_seattle


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You're not alone in your assessment. Methinks there's an underlying current of sly purpose - the goal of which I have yet to determine. I keep noticing the same type of issues/discussions/questions hashed out in various threads - the words or delivery are just tweaked a little differently.


I came to it late, and as I've been monitoring it, I am - quite frankly - tired of the circular musings put forth - because in the end, there doesn't seem to be any point being made.


I don't buy the arguments he makes about a "client only" forum. This is a review site. You have reviews - positive and negative. Escorts are given avenues to rebut negative reviews - as a means for checks and balances so that both sides of the story can be heard. With these info, clients can make their own determination whether to hire or not. So what's so hard to understand about that?


I saw a bumper sticker just recently - "Voting isn't a spectator sport." Same w/ reviews - I don't give as much credence to folks who just put "hearsay" in the forums about escorts. I'd rather see them participate in the actual reviews first.


-Popped Rice

(And FYI - even though I'm from the SF Bay Area, I have not had the pleasure yet of meeting up w/ David)

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Guest zipperzone

I think roughrider is a nutbar and can't understand why anyone would even waste the energy to get all riled up about him. Just ignore him if he bothers you. Posting about him just satisfies whatever motive he may have.

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Guest n2colour

>Maybe roughrider is rockhead come back to haunt us under a

>new name...


The thought that it is probably a previous frequent participant here had occurred to me as well. And, while I have my own opinion as to who it probably is, my engaging in public speculation about it would undoubtedly be counter-productive. (As I rarely post, or even sign-in, my bona-fides would be questioned as well :+ )

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Hey David --


Many of us feel the same way you do about finding a certain community here, and the fastest way to destroy it is for thoughtful people to stop posting on the MC -- that would leave us with only the nut cases, and the community would vanish.


Whether rr is on the level or not doesn't really matter. There are always a few people like him (I think it was much worse several years ago). They tend to get serious responses at first, and are (usually) pretty much ignored once they get repetitious.



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You haven't come into this forum with a chip on your shoulder the size of Mt. Everest and told everyone that they're doing everything wrong without knowing what the hell you're talking about. In my book, that already puts you way ahead of rr. :D


If I've responded to him and encouraged his ego, then mea culpa, but one of the reasons I did so was so that the people he was targeting (i.e. you) would know that he was in no way speaking for anyone beyond himself, let alone this community. I believe that if you see someone doing/saying a stupid thing, you should tell them it's a stupid thing, they may go on doing/saying it, but at least the truth is out where it needs to be! }( Now that I feel I've spoken against his preposterous ideas/thoughts sufficiently, I plan to ignore him. :)


I hope you'll reconsider you're decision to 'back off' or question your continued participation here. Both I, and others, have noted that this board needs more escort voices and not fewer and I've very much enjoyed your presence in the short time you've been here. It would be a shame to let this arrogant guy win even a tiny victory by reducing our number of escort 'voices' by one.


Hoping we'll continue to hear from you,




PS - And, BTW, when/if I come back to SF again, I'm going to definitely be in touch! }(

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The only person who has anything to apologize for in regards to anything in this thread is roughrider...


Everyone in this community (client and escort alike) offered heartfelt advice and even responded to his childlike antics with a surprising degree of good temper and magnanimity.


Rouughrider is either just stirring the pot because he's bored and/or crazy or, maybe he is one of those sad souls who really does believe that the escorting encounter has to resemble something from a dime store novel, where all the escorts are dumb muscle heads and the clients have to be on the defensive to the point of being offensive.

i dunno, but it isn't any of our problem fortunately.

Until they substantially improve in relevance and temper i've got better stuff to do than to respond to roughrider's posts at this point and i would suggest that everyone else likely does too.


David, don't take it too seriously. From what i've heard and seen so far, you're a stand up guy (as well as smoking hot) and you're doing well for yourself professionally, and will continue to do so as long as you keep the good work up. Roughrider has his own issues, just ignore him.


And Alan, you are as gallant, articulate and charming as ever.

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David, I do hope you'll be a continued presence here. As others have said, there are not enough escort "voices" here from day to day. Many of us truly do appreciate your viewpoints.


For dealing with difficult posters, consult this thread from 2004:




It wasn't a new phenomenon then, either. ;-) We just kept this one around for reference. Whether rr is an old troll under a new name or not, the technique is the same: DON'T FEED THE TROLLS.

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You are a credible person, and I really like reading your comments. Regardless of where a person is, there will always be some detractor. The way we deal with these detractors, is the important thing, and you have handled yourself very well. If you were to leave the MC, then you would only be falling into his trap and he would end up winning his little game, and we don't want that. You are a winner, so please stick around...:-)

This supposedly new guy has taken it upon himself to tell everyone here, that the MC is not being run properly, and that he has a better way of doing things (censorship)......well I have to strongly disagree.

I value deeply, the comments made by people in this group, whether they be clients, escorts, or people who don't hire escorts.

I may not always agree with what people say, and because of that have been forced to think about various issues tackled here, and maybe even change my opion, at times...:-) Nor do I expect people to agree with me all the time, and that's one of the things that makes this place so special.

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Yes this board is very special and i wont stop reading and i appreciate the feedback from everyone i will post when i can as i said before i have never been connected to a community like this and i am very excited about finding this place for all kinds of reasons.

but for the most part i am just happy to be a part of this thing its great !!! thanks guys

btw i dont know if its ok to do this either but my web site has new clips on it and i am super proud of them its been a labor of love done at home by a very multi talented camera guy blow buddy lover extrodinaire not to mention a great web master so go check them out

and enjoy

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I've received several emails from rr to my personal email via the site. The name on the email is vaguely familiar. The motives have clearly come to be something other than seeking info. In terms of what's up, I suspect that rr may be "all of the above": a former poster and someone with "off kilter" needs. I've decided to ignore the emails and his threads.

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Guest zipperzone

>Wait, tell me if I have this wrong. You act like clients

>treating escorts on here other then pieces of meat is a new



>Obviously some of you missed 90% of Zipperzone's posts.


Yes - you do have it wrong - SO VERY WRONG


Show me ONE post (let alone 90%) where I advocate treating escorts as a piece of meat.


Is your mindset so warpped and so mean spirited that the best you can come up with is shit like this? You are truly pathetic. Or are you just having a really bad year?

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Guest zipperzone

Hey - 2hard2tame


I have been meaning to tell you this for some time, but it keeps on slipping my mind.


It's about time you brushed up your English skills unless of course you are practising a peculiar strain of Baltimoreese.


You oh so snappy siignature line reads:


No longer escorting, at the time I am pursuing other career options.


It should read "at THIS time...."


Just thought you would like to know. Hopefully the other career options you are pursuing don't include teaching English.

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