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Can anyone help me find a cute blogger's website I lost?

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I hope someone else reads this guy's blog and can post or email me his web address! I accidentally erase it from my bookmark and cannot find it.


I will try and describe it. I cannot for the life of me remember his name. I found him first a few months ago on a video weblog on YouTube. He is young 20something, cute,preppy, short blond spikey hair, usually shirtless, very buff, hunky, but kind of twinky looking,blue eyes,smiles alot,very sweet and upbeat. He was describing how he spyed on his hot neighbor who he caught jacking off through his window and then took a picture of it. He later took the pictures off his website because he felt like it was not right. He had a link to his blog site and I started reading it and got hooked.


His screename was something like " wicked good", or "wicked awesome", or bad boy or something like that. He was from Rhode Island and lived in Washington DC for a while. He had some pictures on his trip to Toronto. He painted some and always wrote with a very sensitve and philosophical style and seemed wiser than his young years.


He then changed his website to a new site on "Blogspot.com" I think. He had a title for if, but I can't remember that either..maybe something like "Breaking the waves" ? It had a colorful banner that was very Andy Warholian with his shirless image repeated in different colors across the top. He was into working out,food,books,oprah,and had a cute boyfriend for a while, but broke up with him,..


His latest venture was moving to Buenos Aries, Argentina for two months without really knowing anything about the country or anyone there. He rented a nice apartment and film his video blogs and kept the readers up to date on how it was going. He didn't really like it at first and decided to just stay one month. He was getting to know a few guys, explore new foods, and continued to be upbeat and charming. He was into working out and keeping his body in great shape. He always started out saying " Hello Blog Buddies" in his cheerful voice.


I was looking forward to continuing reading his blog and find out if he was back home in the USA yet and also catching up on his archived blog entries from the past two years. He was usually always shirtless, or naked, but you only saw his upper torso and cute face.


I did a search on youtube and came up with nothing. Also did a search on web logs and cannot find anything!


Does this sound familiar to any of you guys? If this rings a bell and you read his blog and have seen his video weblogs, Please let me know! It's driving me crazy! I would love to keep reading it.


Sorry this is so long and rambling, but I am hoping someone knows who I am describing and can help me out.


thanks guys!!!

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Do you not realize how many blogs there are? We won't get into how many crap vids are on youtube. Chalk it up as a loss and find a new twink. They are pretty much a nickle a dozen.





http://seaboy4hire.tripod.com http://www.daddysreviews.com/newest.php?who=greg_seattle


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tell me about it Greg! after going through thousands of horrible youtube vids and hours of blog titles I was so bleary eyed and frustrated, I thought I would have a better chance posting here and describing it in the hopes that someone else recalled it and could guide me. I am about to give up. But I really got hooked on it and he was so sweet and intriguing, I just wanted to keep up with his adventures. It's so wierd that I can't remember his name. think he just signed with a "J"


anyway, maybe someone will remember

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YES! This is it! THANK YOU!!! You rock! I had given up! I had the worst week, so you made my whole weekend! kinda sad finding a webblog from a total stranger has made me so happy



I will start catching up...maybe other's here will get hooked too and enjoy his blog.


you are the best!!!!

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Guest zipperzone

>Toledodude, you have done a great service for me too...:-)

>This guy is cute, and interesting to listen to..:-) I would

>never have run into this blog on my own..:-)


And his latest entry says he wants to marry his boyfriend who I understand is a Canadian, so as he can obtain Canadian citizenship. We would welcome him for his "cute" status alone.

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