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Life facing 60 living with a 28 y/o escort

Guest ncm2169
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Guest ncm2169

And, before you all give me a strong deserved hit upside the head for that posting, I'm only doing this because of the several serious inquiries I've gotten about my special/unusual living arrangement with an escort. How is it that a client can end up living with an escort?


Okay, here goes. It really is a fun story (I think).


It was in 2000. I was recently divorced and had heard about an adult book store in St. Paul where dudes came to get a free blow job. I was there one night when this totally hunky dude came in and went into a video booth, but he didn't lock the door. I gingerly opened it and asked him if he wanted a BJ. He agreed, and here we are. At the time he was Head DJ at the supreme hetero Strip Club in Mpls and had chicks blowing and fucking him 24/7, but he'd experienced m2m sex earlier and wanted to "explore." We hooked up there about 2 dozen times over 3 years, and the last time he told me his life was falling apart, so I said, "DJ, do you realize that guys would pay you for what just happened in there?"


After some prodding, he agreed and I got him in touch with an EZ client here in Mpls for a "test run." I wrote his first Review, my client buddy wrote the second, and it was off to the the races after that.


His total sexuality and his personality drive his business. He's a dreamboat.


Along the way, he and I become fast friends and decided to live together - NOT B/F's or a Sugar Daddy deal - just good buddies.


(Yeah, we also play.)


He has the most complex sexuality you could imagine - an absolute insatiable[appetite for pussy. Which he scores often, trust me. :-)[/b]


But, here's the real deal for anyone who hires him - the ultimate what you pay for. Sure, there's a big cock and an utterly hunky body. (GAWD do I know that!).


But, talk to him about Ann Rice or Dean Koontz novels, or OC Choppers (he's an accomplished cyclist) or taking out and replacing an entire transmission single-handedly in a subaru witb nothing but a set of lower lifts - he's truly a born mechanic. If you want 25,000 modern music songs transferred to your hard drive, talk to him. His love of music is endless. He figured out early that I LOVE CCR and he plays it LOUD whenever we go anywhere on the highway!}(


He keeps me young and we have a fuckin ball together, and I am having the time of my life.


It was/is one of those utterly amazing improbable meetups which has resulted in my life changing in a way I could never have imagined.


I call it my "Improbable Odyssey."


But, like I say, I do not mean to brag or curry favor telling this story. Rather, I just feel like the fucking lucikest guy in in the world, and I only wish everyone here the same! :9 :


Oops. sorry if i didn't mention that he is a REAL Amrican Orignial Str8Boy being curious.


That much I can assure you :-)

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Guest ncm2169

PS He'd kill me if I didn't also mention that he has an beautiful blond haired blue-eyed daughter who is just sooooo much fun to be around. She lives with her Mom near us and we see her often. She's a total Daddy's girl and they're very devoted to each other.


"It's a Wonderful LIfe" may have been written for JImmy Stewart, but I sometimes think Frank Capra had me in mind somewhere in his script. }(


Okay, that's more than enough. I'm just so grateful for everything. :D


I just hope this puts somethings in perspective for some people here.


Mark in Mpls

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Guest zipperzone

Mark: I'm glad you have found this new happiness. It is obviously working for you and that's all that should matter.


It would be far too complicated for me to handle, both emotionally and logistically. But that's just me.

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Guest ncm2169

I seriously didn't intend this post as an exercise in vanity, but apparently some here have the impression that I must be an aging Greek God to be able to attract someone as hott as DJ.


Gawd I wish. ;(


To set the record str8, while I am at least "ht/wt proportionate" as we say in netspeak (6'1", 175, 33w), beyond that I am nothing to look at, believe me (the mirror doesn't lie). Severely thinning salt and pepper hair and circles under my eyes barely covered by my glasses are usually signs of my impending milestone age. x( I couldn't pick up a guy in a club if I tried (which I never have).


Early on when we were slowly discovering that we were falling into an undefined relationship where neither of us had tread before, I confessed my insecurity about being with someone (a) as HOTT as him and (b) with the age difference. He looked at me and got kind of angry, assuring me that those differences mattered to him not at all.


You might think this is sappy, but I have my insecurities - I rarely take off my glasses because I am stupidly self-conscious about how old my circles make me look.


When DJ and I play, the first thing I do is take off my glasses so I can get really up close and personal. I don't worry any longer about what he sees. You can't put a price on that kind of feeling of utter freedom. }(

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Guest ncm2169

< That's because your up all night playing with DJ.


Louis, I wish that was the only reason but unfortunately they predate DJ. ;(


Truth be told, I am often "up" (both awake and hard) far later when he's banging a chick in the next room (it was the bathtub a few weeks ago :p. Knowing he's in total man lust just makes me crazy. :9

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Knowing he's in total man lust just makes

>me crazy. :9


Damn old man, you have some real issues.

He's in MAN LUST, what would he be in if he was banging a guy,or are you one of these uncle brucies that think you can only be a man if you stick your dick in a pussy.


And you REALLY think a guy that ACTIVELY seeks sex with another guy on a regular basis is straight.


Thank god your kind are dying out...and none too soon.

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Guest ncm2169

< Thank god your kind are dying out...and none too soon.


Well, now it's nice to see you and your old friends on SNL - lemme see here ... I think I see Dana Carvey over there. He/She's a real foil for your type. }( Oh yeah! There's the Church Lady! She's all over ya, gettin ya to confess!


Of course, Halloween attracts all types of lunatics who claim to be full of wisdom and possess litte or none.


D.A.C., I would respectfully ask that you understand and accept my version of my happy journey as I recounted it. If you can't handle that, well, then, just fade away ... }( I'm happy, and if you're not, well then. too bad for you. :9

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Congratulations, NCM!! I'm always eager to support people who find themselves in relationships that aren't knockoffs of the pathetic few heteronormative models! And I love your story.


I moved to NYC years ago because the city seemed exactly the kind of place where "contact" of the kind you described happened all the time. Public sex venues were always very exciting places where men of all classes, colors, and ages came together and it was surprising who would end up having sex, chatting, sharing a beer, whatever...with whom! Sadly, the city grows more bourgeois and boring every republican year. Berlin, I hear, is the center for alternative fun.


If you're interested, a GREAT book on the subject of what can happen in public venues and the rewarding lives that can flow out of and build from these kinds of "contact" is Samuel Delany's "Times Square Red, Times Square Blue."


Keep banging that boy! And letting him bang his chicks! Trying to force someone to self-identify as EITHER gay OR straight is an ugly, epistemologically violent act--you are right.


Good luck! Enjoy! Have fun.

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