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Critter Control

Doe Be Doe
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Okay I in into the healing and cleaning process to combat the scabies infection I have picked up. So how do I prevent it in the future? What are the signs to look for? Just the red infection and spots? Any other clues? I may really start saving my milk money and just practicing chastity!


For those of you who are interested:


On the one hand scabies is not too bad. I mean it's a pain. Go to the doctor; get the prescription; go to the pharmacy; wait; wait; wait some more; be told they don't have the cream but the store three blocks away does; get the cream; get home; shower, put the cream on; how do I reach the middle of the back; ewww, use toilet tissue for the but; strip the bed; trapse down to the laundry room; vacuum the floors and chairs; do I need to put the pillows in the dryer?; look for the booze; decide to sleep on the air mattress rather than the bed so that I don't have to wash the bed lines again.


That's a pain but it's not the end of the world.


On the other hand: GROSS. I've got bugs in me and have to use what is basically a pesticide - DDT. Course, when we were kids we got all sorts of things; and my dog has worms from time to time and if she isn't immune from these things, why should we be?


The doctor said not to worry about pillows, etc. I did put the duvet in the dryer but not the pillows. We'll see what happens.

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Yes! very Bravo! Congr4adulations on your recovery! You acted promptly, educated yourself and took care of the problem! Had you not done this you would have had to start naming the buggers and that is just tedious beyond the imagination.

I had a similar thing happen on a larger scale... I had this weird outbrake of Hobo spiders in my house! Ugly creatures between two and four inches in diameter. One bit my wolf on the leg and that left a gapping 4 inch X three inch necrotic wound. It's been over two months now and his leg is now just starting to heal I had to pull all of the furniture out of my Tyger's Den and bedroom and shop vac EVERYTHING! I put 15 Hobo Spider traps out and that seems to have taken care of the problem. YUCK though~ Poisonous/venomous shungry spiders in my house! Bastards! No Hobos in my house unless they stop biting and pay some rent!

Just for peace of mind you can thtrow the pillows in the dryer on high. They critters don't like the heat and it will fry them. The air will dehydrate them into lint.

Good Work Stud!






men4rentnow.com tygerscent in Portland, Oregon

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