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Dead Boyz Don't Scream

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Just in time for Halloween, anyone who missed this at the film festivals will probably be salivating. Featuring Men's Health cover models, well known gay porn stars, and yes our very own Aaron Mark ...




Or just to read up on the movie: http://www.deadboyzmovie.com/


But trust me, you don't want to miss the trailer ;)

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Guest zipperzone

>this movie is terrible and borderline homophobic. the acting

>is terrible, and the script is worse. If all you want to do is

>look at naked models they are all over the internets for



I'm sure it is pure C R A P and I intend to see it at least once.

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I thought it was hilarious!!


The acting wasn't that bad... OK, it was ;) but the plot/script was hardly calling for DeNiro or Olivier! :) The secret to its success for me was that it never tried to take itself seriously and neither should the audience!

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