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New Red Sox Rookie

Guest Tristan
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For all you baseball fans, there's a new Red Sox rookie, Jacoby Ellsbury, who was called up from the minors about six weeks ago. It was supposed to be temporary, but that soon changed. I think he's a cutie. You can decide for yourself.


He can hit, make amazing catches, and fly across the bases. He recently made a spectacular foul ball catch, crashing into a chair in the bullpen and still coming up with the ball. I'm providing the link to the video for those who are interested in seeing the catch and a good close up view of Jacoby Ellsbury.




- Tristan

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It's fun to see the rookies called up and make it big, suddenly.


The Cubs have one too ... Sam Fuld was called up recently and yesterday he made a running catch slamming into the brick wall in the outfield face-first, and recovered by making a laser-like throw to complete a double-play at first base. Truly remarkable.


When you watch the video, it looks like he ran into nice soft, fluffy, ivy. But there are hard bricks behind that ivy and the ivy doesn't give THAT much padding!


He's cute as a button too, and he's become a cult hero among Cubs fans in just a few weeks.


GO CUBS! Six games to go and four is the magic number.

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RE: New YANKEE Rookie


RE: It's fun to see the rookies called up and make it big, suddenly.[/font color=blue]


Well the Yankees have their own boy wonder... Joba Chamberlain. In fact the saying around Yankee Stadium has been, "JOBA RULES!"... and in today's game Joe Torre finally took full advantage of his talents.



"NEW YORK -- First, the Yankees bent the Joba Rules. Now, they've broken them.


Joba Chamberlain earned his first career save in Sunday afternoon's 7-5 win over the Blue Jays, pitching 1 1/3 innings despite having only one day of rest after a two-inning appearance on Friday. It was aggressive, and it worked. And it was the perfect present for Chamberlain, who chalked up his first save on his 22nd birthday.


The rules, as originally stated, said that Chamberlain could not pitch on back-to-back days. If he pitched two innings, he would need two days of rest before the extended outing and two days of rest after it. In addition, Chamberlain was not to enter a game in the middle of an inning, and once he began warming in the bullpen, manager Joe Torre would be forced to use him.


Apparently, rules are made to be broken. Chamberlain entered Sunday's game in the eighth inning with two on and two outs, despite pitching two innings on Friday. It was the second time in five days that he had entered a game mid-inning.


The effects certainly didn't show, as Chamberlain struck out Adam Lind on five pitches to end the threat, then gave closer Mariano Rivera a day off by pitching a perfect ninth, recording two more strikeouts. And all of that from a pitcher who wasn't even supposed to be in the game."


So... JOBA RULES indeed!!!


Go Yanks!

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