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Hey Studs! Yikes! Sort of off to a rough start here in BC! Avoid flying Horizon! My outgoing flight to BC was on Horizon. Unfortunately their planes were dropping out of the sky and so they pulled a large portion of their fleet out of service for prepair! I checked my flight status before heading to the airport and all was a "Go" but when my ticket came up on the monitor in the airport, they had conveniently rescheduled me to depart at 10:25pm instead of 10am! I managed, (with a lot of negotiating), to be put on a rerouted flight. (Several of them). I finally arrived into BC late in the evening but before 1am~

The owner of my BC love shack was nice enough to meet me and sign me in and give me the tour. I had her number and was able to call her.

After she left I started to set up my den BUT things are set up a little different here in BC... for the life of me, I was not able to establish any internet connection, wireless, cable or otherwise.

Late this evening I found the Benz Coffee house and they have free 24hour wireless~! Whew!

Additionally... my cell phone is not working the way it usually does in the states. The service provider for the area changes the way my phone accepts calls and stores voice messages. I am not always getting calls being dial through to me and they are getting forworded instantly to my voice messaging box. Unfotunately it is not storing them in a timely manner and I may not have any indication that anyone has called and left a message there for several hours to an entire day~ Perhaps longer... I've only been here for a dayu so I don't really know~

It took me the longest time to figure out how to retrive my incoming messages. Generally I just hit one button and it goes right ot my message center. Now it sends me to my own outgoing phone message and I have to enter a code to retrieve my messages.

ALSO... If you have Unknown or Private settings on your phone, I will not be able to hit redial and call you back. My text messaging is not working as well. Messages are not showing up and if they do I can not reply to them. I do still get charged for them though.. so please refrain from text messaging me until I return home! Thanks~

Sorry about all that... it's a bit frustrating~

Anyway... you can call me on my cell: 503.317.8055 or email, (tygerkink@yahoo.com), me now. Best bet is to do both~ BUT... be sure to leave your name and CONTACT NUMBER so that I can call you back! I'll be back here at the Benz Coffee house checking my emails later in the morning.

On a lighter note... Perfect weather here... and Granville Market is really a wondeful experience. I did go there to buy snacks and food and took some great pix there. They have really great bakery, fruit, cheeses, pasta, meat, fish... everything you could ever want to eat! A great little theater there on the island and fun ride on the ferry to and from the market~

I'll be up early tomorrow working hard to resolve my internet service at my apartment and then heading to the Benz if I can't things up and running there. I'll have my cell phone on and hopefully will be able to receive messages from you. If you get booted over to my message box, leave your contact info and I will do my best to get back to you ASAP.




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Guest zipperzone



>I think he has already left as I heard from someone who was

>supposed to meet him that business wasn't what he expected it

>to be so he was going to leave early and cut his losses.


Wow - that's strange. His arrival here was not well published (if at all). How did he expect his business to develop if no one knew he was in town?


I was planning to see him, but I guess I'm out of luck.


Talk about a "flash in the pan"!

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