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Kathy Griffin at the Emmy Awards

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I have been part-time watcher of some of her comedy shows

and found her funny at times. She often comments about

her gay friends and "the gays" I found a little offensive

sometimes, as if she was really using them to try to make herself

funnier, not because she appreciated them as fans.

Her comments upon receiving her Emmy award I found very offensive.

Maybe its just me, but I lost all respect for her.

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Guest Wetnwildbear

What I like about Kathy Griffin's brand of comedy


is that there is little or nothing that is off limits.


So many people use religion in a superficial, self-serving,


faux-pious manner to agrandize themselves.



In Griffin's case I sincerely doubt that she sat around asking


Jesus/Allah/Jehovah/Buddah/Vishnu or Uncle Marvin


for success. Instead, she went from a spot as a third bananna in a


short-lived sitcom to being a top comedy act with an award winning


tv-series based on her own hard work and talent.



Griffin refers to "her gays" in what I always found to be an


appreciative manner. Much like another brash/brassy red-head,


Bette Midler and Griffin have openly embraced and acknowledged


the importance of gay fans in their success.



Griffin's candor is what I enjoy about her comedy.



Just as a side note - Griffin has gone to Iraq at least once


(possibly twice) to entertain U.S. Soldiers, even though she opposes


the war. I don't recall Ryan Seacrest, Beyonce, Jimmy Swaggart,


James Dobson, the Pope (or even an Arch Bishop), traveling to Iraq


to provide comfort to the troops. Just that heathen blasphemer


Kathy Griffin.

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Maybe I jumped in too quick with my remarks, and I am glad

that you posted information about her relationship with the

gay community for I was not aware of that.

And I am NOT a fundamentalist. I was just taken aback

by the comments I read in the USA Today paper relating

to Jesus in her acceptance remarks.

Thanks to all who have replied to my original post. Maybe

I should not be too quick to rush to judgement.

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It's ok suntan. Many of us have done it and some (myself including) have done it more then a few times. Plenty on here are pretty forgiving.





http://seaboy4hire.tripod.com http://www.daddysreviews.com/newest.php?who=greg_seattle


Indianapolis Sept. 26, Memphis Sept 28-30, 2007

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>She hosted some gay porn award show.


Yup, the GayVN awards. During which she graciously accepted an award of her own: Honorary Gay Man. LOL


And yes, she did visit the troops. Her special covering that trip was entertaining as hell. Particularly when she talked (out of troop range) about finding "her gays" among the troops.


She knows we love her, and she loves us for it.


She made her career being on the D List, but honey she's sold out Carnegie Hall and been booked at Madison Square Garden. That ain't D-list any more.

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Guest zipperzone

I've never found her to be all that funny.


Saw her recently on I think it was Larry King - she was loud, brassy and very full of herself. I can understand why many love her but she is just not my cup of tea. A Joan Rivers she will never be.

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