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Leave Britney Alone

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PMLL!!!!!! Who does this queen think she is? My god how amature dramatic. You'd think that someone just stole her favorite pumps or something. For a much bigger dramatic effect she should not have put on the waterproof mascara. G-d this is why I have nothing to do with the youngins so full of stupid mindless drama.





http://seaboy4hire.tripod.com http://www.daddysreviews.com/newest.php?who=greg_seattle


Indianapolis Sept. 26, Memphis Sept 28-30, 2007

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Guest EuropTravl

I posted this on the other Britney thread when it had been up on YouTube for about 12 hours and had close to 500,000 views. It's now been on for 2 days and had over 2,000,000 hits. And from what I've read beyond the gossip blogs (I first saw it on DListed) it's been shown on the Fox News and ABC morning shows and Howard Stern apparently interviewed the guy this morning.

I hated him-she-it at first, but now I have to give him KUDOS as his "performance art" has even gotten gossip blobber Perez Hilton jealous of all the attention, and he's trying to do his pathetic copycat routine of the same. It's not funny when it's already been done, and "BritneyFan" won't be able to top himself and will get stale and old rapidly.


LOL, as of now 3,000,000 and counting. Oh-You-Queen.

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Props to EuropTravel for posting this first. Clearly I missed it. But, if I had caught it, I'm sure I'd still be laughing my guts out on the floor. Thanks ET for not skewering me for my mistake. My bad.


The message is still worth repeating: "Leave Britney Spears alone! I really mean it!!" LOL

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I think he's brilliant. He's got people talking about him worldwide, he's got over 260,000 friends on MySpace, and it seems like everyone is watching his videos (I just looked at a dozen of them on youtube and most seem to have either a quarter million or half a million or over a million hits). He gets such emotional reactions from people (hate and love) and I think the whole thing is fascinating. Plus, he's much more entertaining than Britney herself. :p

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Guest zipperzone

>I think he's brilliant.


If he is, it's by accident.


He's got people talking about him



So did Hitler - fame is not always a good thing (sorry for my Martha Stewart moment)

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