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    Hehe - thanks. Yeah - sexuality is probably my favorite thing to explore, and I've learned a lot in a short time, but there's also much, much, much more to go.
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    Wow - this got more of a response than I expected. Cool! =oP
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    hehe...I tend to like the verbal stuff (as long as it's play - big difference), so it's a double whammy for me, but yeah - I think it's enjoyable either way. hehe =oP
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    Damnnn...that sounds so hot with all your rules and such. Sounds amazing! I very much want to experience edging - I'd just need someone else to do it since I can't myself. =oP Hell, I'd probably take it to the extreme - I'd love to be tied up and edged on and off for hours until I have blue balls sometime just for the experience. (But I am interested in the harder core stuff like candle wax, floggers, nipple clamps, etc. in theory too - I just don't have a lot of experience with them, and I'm not talking about anything TOO hardcore or painful). Hehe...my first boyfriend hit the headboard the first time we had sex too. (Of course we were both teenagers at the time, but still). So I can relate a bit. Cool story! I think what got me so interested in milking and edging was this story that I read some time ago (probably saw it around the first time it was published): http://www.asstr.org/files/Collections/nifty/gay/authoritarian/revisiting-cum-denial (One brief warning that the story does contain some verbal domination, etc., if you're not into that). That story got me soOOo hot and bothered. lol. Thought you guys might enjoy it if you like erotic stories.
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    Mmm...really hot story! I love edging too and would love an experience like that as well. I can't really do that myself because I simply don't have the self-control to stop once it gets past a certain point (I can do it for a while, but I always crack and cum sooner than I want to - lol). Would be lovely to do this to someone too. hehe. Closest I've come for myself is with electrostimulation equipment, which you can program to tease you for a long time. (Though I still tend to turn up the juice a bit too quickly...still, takes a lot longer than normal masturbation.) As to the blindfold, yeah - I can see how that would be really hot... I might try that with the right guy - I just tend to like eyecandy too much and seeing what inventive things they come up with. But I do see your point...not seeing what's coming could have its advantages.
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    Cool - knew I couldn't be the only one. hehe. Though I don't think I'd wanna be blindfolded (I've always found it personally hotter and more intense to see what's happening).
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    Hey all, Wonder if anyone else has a fascination with milking (or at least that's what I call it). I'm definitely curious about this and fantasize about trying it all the time, but I don't know if it's one of those things that is more fun in fantasy than in reality yet. =oP It's definitely too intense to do by myself. I think I'd probably have to be tied up and possibly gagged for the full experience frankly...lol...though I think the feeling of helplessness would certainly amplify it. It'd also be fun to do to a hot, willing boy too...MMmmm... For those not familiar (and I'm not even sure if this is the most proper term), milking is a slow hand job where you might tease a guy a long time, make him orgasm, then keep right on going after he cums and becomes oversensitive, not letting up. Supposedly you can do this for several orgasms and even get to a dry cum. It is intense and I've read can just about make a guy pass out, but it's also totally harmless and I guess most people who experience it really want to do it again. I'm sure this can be done with oral sex too, and I know some people have even reconfigured cow-milking machines for human use as well as electrostimulation milking. I'd be curious about all of it, but my current fantasy involves mainly hand/mouth action. lol. The milking machine I might be inclined to try solo as long as it was safe. =oP
  8. Actually, I do wonder how this would feel, but man...don't think I'd ever be brave enough to try it...
  9. Hmmm. Interesting. Just another different strokes for different folks thing I guess. I wouldn't be opposed to the belly/groin massage or even some GENTLE gutpunching to try it. I guess I was just imagining a full-force punch. Still not my thing, but I think I get it. (Always interesting to learn about new fetishes, even if they're not shared). Oh, and relating to the paddle analogy. Interestingly enough, while I *love* being spanked, I don't care for paddles. For me, the erotic part of that particular fetish has to involve a bare hand. Why? Who knows. Just something weird in my personality I suppose. A hand just seems more personal and intimate for some reason to me.
  10. This is one I don't share. =oP I will say, in a gay.com chatroom, somebody REALLY freaked me out by messaging me out of the blue, saying he liked my picture, asking to get together and gutpunch me repeatedly to see how much I could take... He thought it would be hot to knock the wind out of me. That was quite scary actually - I'm a sub, but that just does not appeal to me at all personally. (Yeahhh...I haven't had a lot of luck with the whole dating thing there...) =oP Now what I am a little bit curious about is firm massaging and maybe fist-pressing of the belly/groin area. I know that can feel somewhat intense (and good) but that's a different thing I think. I just can't see myself enjoy being punched in the gut though. (Nothing against it...just not my thing. lol)
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    I like pits too, though maybe not as much as some of you do (not a major, major fetish for me, but something I find appealing). More than that, I like light sweat/musk anywhere on a guy (not talking super heavy...but some is a definitie turn-on on a clean guy). I also must confess I like natural smell/taste over deoderant much better.
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