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  1. Flashing midsection? Yeah, I'm still baffled by the showing the midsection thing, is it a latino thing somehow not sexual at all? Was cruising through the little main-street a couple nights ago, at one stop light, which I'd probably passed going the same way once already, a young-ish middle-aged guy was talking in Spanish to a companion on the bench (not really a bus bench though), looking towards me, and worked his shirt up in front to above his chest while kind of casually rubbing his belly and chest. No other sign, (wasn't that interested anyway, if he was showing off his build he needn't have bothered) and he was gone the next time I passed the spot.
  2. Flashing midsection? Yeah, I'm still baffled by the showing the midsection thing, is it a latino thing somehow not sexual at all? Was cruising through the little main-street a couple nights ago, at one stop light, which I'd probably passed going the same way once already, a young-ish middle-aged guy was talking in Spanish to a companion on the bench (not really a bus bench though), looking towards me, and worked his shirt up in front to above his chest while kind of casually rubbing his belly and chest. No other sign, (wasn't that interested anyway, if he was showing off his build he needn't have bothered) and he was gone the next time I passed the spot.
  3. I'd love to hear your hitchhiker story. I've picked up two in my life, neither went anywhere sexual. Hmph! I wrote (much) further down about cruising my local area, I tried it again today. As I'd mentioned, you don't find many out on Sunday, and it was mid-day, so not much chance, and I was more killing time then actively looking. But as I was driving about I noticed a fairly hot looking guy sitting on an electrical box by the same gas station. Not the typical little young twink build, more broad, I also took it for an interesting sign that he had a bag with him. I made a note to check back, sure enough he was still there later, so I swung by. Made eye contact as I slowly went by, I turned the corner, did an awkward job deciding where to stop and getting back there, but he came over, I'd already rolled down the window. He lifts his sunglasses up so I can see his beautiful eyes, asks if I'm looking for somebody to work. I say I'm more looking for somebody to play... He smiles, gets what I'm saying but smiles again and says no (gently, can't remember his exact words). I drive over to the gas station (damn SMB, used up half a tank since yesterday!) and fill up, thinking about how cute he was. Good teeth, nice smile, nice face, kind of scruffy (nothing joining him in a nice long shower, followed by supplying him with a disposable razor and shaving cream wouldn't fix), can't see how defined he is, but a nice build. Doesn't look Mexican to me, maybe Puerto Rican or something, I dunno, but really cute, with a deep tan. As I'm filling up I think I should have made it clear I was willing to pay. Don't know what it is, not all that horny today, am in my hometown (don't foul the nest... hell, my car may already have a rep...), but I decide I'll be hard, wondering about it for the rest of the day, if I don't try again. So I drive back over, he's sitting having a cigarette facing the back road I'm on, I motion for him to come over, he does, I tell him I meant I'd get him a room for the night and give him some cash. He smiles again, tells me no thanks, he's OK. And we part smiling. It really helped that he was alone, but even with a guy not interested it didn't seem all that dangerous. And language wasn't nearly as big a problem as I thought it'd be. Too bad I struck out. He did too... I went and had a quick lunch, on my way back home saw him walking home. I don't want to get involved in the other stuff, but I don't feel all that threatened doing this (unless I'm stuck near a Sheriff's car in traffic...), I'm a big guy, probably somewhat scary (and unfortunately cop) looking to those that don't know me, so I'm not that worried. More worried about catching something, but am always safe and wouldn't even start if there were any signs of anything (I do know that doesn't make me 100% safe and that it's a risky behavior). Worst that's happened to me (granted, not in an especially vast experience) was some pimp or dealer yelled 'get your fat ass back over there you faggot' at me as I slowly drove by looking at the somewhat jock-ish white guy walking near him. First time I've been called a faggot, pissed me off, but I was in no danger. This was down past Highland on SMB late around midnight-1AM.
  4. Day Labor I keep driving around my local area, to kill time and see if there is a way to have fun without driving to Hollywood. So far a complete bust, maybe because I'm too chickenshit to be open and initiate anything beyond driving by with my windows down, making eye contact, and pulling over somewhere. A guy did offer to sell me a microwave though... ;o) Came the closest today I think. Was trying to set up a repeat with someone I've mentioned elsewhere, but figured I'd go for a little drive to kill time since he wasn't answering. Usual whole lot of nothing, then notice some guys in the shade beside one of the nicer gas stations in the area, eventually cruise by, there are more guys on the street behind, some are pretty hot. Typical assortment of latino day-laborers (they come out on Saturdays, but you don't usually see any on Sundays). A nice looking young one of them seems to look at me and kind of casually gesture rubbing himself. I pull into the gas station, am looking towards him but he's still standing is his group. As I'm filling up the car and trying to figure out how to separate what I want from the pack my phone rings, it's who I was trying to set something up with. Murphy's law. So I head out, still, seemed to have potential... Also, is there anything to them showing their midsection? Actually, now that I think about it, I've seen an obvious street hustler do this as well. I'm just wondering if there is some other reason some are doing it, or have I missed signed invitations?
  5. Apparently nobody's tried him yet, but there's a Shane Moore advertising in several places, says he gives the best massage... Pictures look interesting, tried to scare up some info here: http://babydb.male4malescorts.com/dc/dcboard.php?az=show_topic&forum=7&topic_id=36867&mesg_id=36867&page=
  6. While I'm asking questions... as I said, really would like to know what to look for in a bar, but also, are there any signs I should know about? Heard some nonsense about colored handkerchiefs and which rear pocket they're in, etc... Anything to it? I was practicing my masterful street cruising technique the other day on Sepulvida (now know I'd be much better off crossing the valley to Santa Monica BLVD...) there was a hot guy on a bike, maybe some latino blood but not much, nice arms, yellow baseball hat. He was sitting on his bike on the corner, waiting for the light, seemed to notice me looking. Seemed to do something sensual with his lips, took his hat off twice and put it back on... I kept looking, tried to do something with my lips too... he seemed to nod and set off on his bike when the light changed... Then the wheels came off the wagon as they say, assuming he was looking for anything... I pulled over too far forward, and on the street (in hind-site he may have wanted me to turn down the side street), I waited quite a bit, gave up, started to drive, saw him on the other side of the street, he seemed to notice me again, I turned down a side street, U turned, parked. He crossed the street but went through the fenced parking lot right next to me. I had no idea where he'd gone (didn't know there was a driveway through the fence back a ways), waited just a tiny bit and then drove again, think he was trying to do something with the bike or casually come up from behind on the sidewalk, but I took off too soon. Saw him again as I was driving, but he'd probably had it with my ineptness by then, didn't acknowledge me or cross the street towards me again. So, I know now to be more patient, but was I reliably supposed to get something from the hat thing (he wanted to top?)?
  7. I'd like to hear about it! Casino cruising, how it works in a bar...
  8. Its really too bad this thread has petered out... I've also wondered about this. Maybe the thing to do is hire a few especially cute ones next time you move, see if any are interested in staying later for some extra $$ afterwards... Now that I think of it, I kind of hired a day laborer... last time I was in Vegas I was bored out of mind and really tired of loosing money, so I started to drive about, the main strip area was pretty boring, though did see a couple really great looking young guys razor scooting around... anyway, went towards downtown, there is this 'Neonopolis' thing nobody goes to, was driving around, past the court house a couple times... not cool, but eventually found my way onto a pretty big street with a lot of people milling about. Driving down it I notice a pretty hot white guy, muscular and tan/a little sun burned, blond hair in a ponytail I think, with his shirt off, and he seems to be interested in passing cars. Loop back (maybe more then once), he seems to notice it's my second time by, and now I'm on the right side... he has a great body... I'm nervous as hell, first time I'd done anything like this, I go up a ways and pull over. Heart is racing, don't know what the hell I think I'm doing. Wait a couple minutes (it seemed like 5-10, pulled up way too far, luckily he either saw me do it or was walking back the other way and recognized the car)... he walked up to the window, asked what I was up to, if I wanted to go do something. I said sure, unlocked the door. He got in, told him I was staying at a strip hotel he seemed fine with going there, I set off. The whole time my heart is racing, I can barely breathe, his shirt is still off, great pecks and even something of a washboard, plenty of muscle (says he carries a lot of cinder block around) though he's not fully ripped or anything. I then notice he's missing his 2 front teeth, otherwise a nice face, mid to late 30s, looks a couple years older from too much time in the sun, hair's kind of stringy probably from the same thing. He makes some small talk... he does a lot of construction work, etc, down on his luck, needs money for living and going to the dental school to get some cheap replacements... I'm kind of bummed about the teeth, but he has a pretty good personality, though I never quite get anywhere near relaxed I do talk a little. He asks if I want to go for a drink or something, I tell him I don't really drink. We get back to my hotel, I park. He gets out, puts his t-shirt on (don't think I'd even noticed he had it tucked in his fanny-pack belt thing) and we go through the lobby. I could swear everybody is staring at us, knows exactly what we're up too... Finally get to the room, spend an awkward 15-20 minutes, he turns on the TV, says it's too bad I don't have any beer or anything... Asks if the TV has porn, I say it doesn't (don't know why exactly...) More small talk, I probably flubbed at least one, maybe two passes through 'so what do you want to do...' Finally get up the nerve on the next go-around to say I'd love to see him without his shirt again (smooove...) This leads to him undressing, he lays back, says 'I can do anything I want'. He's pretty smooth, smallish dick (not hard, never got to see it hard...), I touch it, start to move towards sucking it but stop just short (scared about STDs and all...) and I look up and ask him if he'd suck me. He says OK, asks if I can help him out a bit with money. I say 'of course', was a little surprised because it wouldn't have occurred to me it wasn't entirely a paid encounter. But that was the first time $$$ was mentioned. I undress, lay back on the bed. He doesn't have condoms, seemed maybe a touch surprised I asked. Of course I don't have any either, but I figure what the hell, it's time for my first bj. Even though it was my first I can say he wasn't very good at it. Figured the lack of front teeth would be an asset for this if nothing else, but I guess I figured wrong... From my experience since I guess it takes me longer then average to come, he stopped a couple times, asked if I liked it, I suggested we try a couple things, some body to body rubbing... this was pretty good, him upright so I can admire and touch his body, then him laying on top of me... not very intimate though, he keeps his head beside mine, facing away (not that I would've wanted to do any kissing given his mouth, though his other teeth don't seem bad, front two were probably lost in a fight or something, not rotted out...). Then I have him go back to blowing, and then stroking it, once I get him to put some grip into it I finally come. So now I'm even more mixed up, as I didn't get as much enjoyment as I was expecting... he runs and gets me a washcloth, I clean up, we both dress. I give him I think $100, he's *very* happy with the amount. Then we go back to my car, he mentions dinner... for some reason I'm still pretty cold, tell him I'm not hungry, drive him back across town and let him out where he asks. On the ride he'd said he'd never done this before, asks how I knew he was interested, I don't talk all that much. Start heading back to the hotel, finally start to relax for the first time in at least 90 minutes, and by the time I'm back in the area of my hotel I'm horny again, thinking about all the things we maybe could have done. I go into a drugstore and buy some condoms and some lube, some other crap too, don't know why exactly, it just seemed I had to have them in case the opportunity arose again. Go back to my room, jack off, read for a while, go to dinner, loose more money, go back to my room, read some more, jack off again, sleep. Leave the next day, almost as confused and inexperienced as I was when I got there, but having wasted about two thousand dollars over the course of the weekend. Well, that's my day labor experience. Have failed miserably at attempts to duplicate that kind of pickup again in the LA area, but I keep trying, and have gained a bit more experience through other means... There really is something about the thrill, the rush as you're making eye contact and especially as you're nervously waiting in the car... there was another thread on here about how this was the whole point of cruising, I can almost see that... Can't believe I wrote this much, sorry if it bored anybody to tears...
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