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Oral Top Feeders and Those of Us Who Love Them

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This has been discussed in other forums, but this seems to be a good place to carry on the dialogue. I have always been a cocksucker and never really enjoyed most anal experiences. I call myself an oral cock worshiper because I love everything to do with the cock, bulge and phallic experience. I have always encouraged escorts to be totally upfront about their preferences, because it doesn't do anyone any good to find out that it's not a match and yet the provider is expecting to be paid regardless. For me, I wish more guys would just say something like "I prefer to be an anal top" or "Getting sucked off is my favorite"...anything that clarifies their preference. For me, I have always been "straight up" about the fact that I simply love guys who understand and embrace the identity of being an oral top feeder. They get the cock/mouth/mind connection and totally love having their cocks become the center of the session and the pleasure they provide the hungry. And what's the deal with tops who think every cocksucker is an anal bottom at heart? Not so. I had real trouble with that when I lived in Mexico. It was assumed that if I loved to suck dick I would end up bending over and getting fucked. Anyway, forgive the rambling, but it my cause celebre something I never get tired of talking about.

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Ask and ye shall receive.


In the early '90s I had a favorite escort in NYC who loved to get his dick sucked to completion. His ad and his reputation positioned him as an aggressive top, but after two full service sessions with him I called him to meet up and said that all I wanted to do was suck his dick. I was apologetic because I just was not in the mood to bottom and I was going to try anyway just for the chance at an encounter, but cleaning up inside was just not working out that day. To my surprised he was excited by my offer. When we met he kicked back naked on his daybed with the sun streaming in, and I serviced him for quite some time while he coached and groaned. This became a regular thing between us, with him offering a discounted rate and even asking me to come over and blow him n/c just because he was in the mood. He was a pretty well hung Italian and Brazilian guy who was quite a bit of a showoff. He admitted to me that he loved a "selfish cum" where he didn't have to put in the work of being a top. I have a dozen or so similar anecdotes.


Backpage and Craigslist are my go to sources for feeders these days. You'd be surprised how many M4W ads can be convinced to receive a low key, NSA blowjob.

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