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Atlanta Korean Spas 411

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Does anyone have any input on the Korean spas in Atlanta? I have read reviews of Jeju, Gangnam, and Qi Clay on Yelp. Qi is clearly the gay friendly one. Jeju and Gangnam sound cool but more straight laced, which is not a problem. Things don't have to get sexy.


What I'd like to know more about is are these places, Jeju and Gangnam, more geared towards actual relaxation? Based on their amenities they seem like it. I take it Qi is more like a hook up place? I'd like to relax so I don't need "play" but if I did saw something going down in Jeju or Gangnam, would that be surprising? Qi seems like a place you actually could meditate at and drift away even if play is going on.


Flex doesn't seem to be a place you can zone out and relax from what I'm reading but I don't know so if you can just zone out and de-stress there (peaceful zen de-stress) I'm OK with that.

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