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Grindr vs Scruff

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The "free sex" topic (yes, I still luckily do get it) made me wanting to ask about these 2 apps.


Been a Grindr boy for 4 years now, I recently downloaded Scruff and started using it.

I am still a bit skeptical about this last one, or perhaps I don't know yet how to use it properly.

With Grindr it's easier to "filter" whom I could be interested in, with Scruff this is a bit sketchy.

Global, Nearby....The "match" option is totally useless, as it doesn't go anywhere.

With Grindr I know when someone reads a message, with Scruff (IF I am using it correctly) this is

not possible.


What should make me prefer Scruff to Grindr, as I have read from some posters?......

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How can you tell on Grindr if someone has seen your message?


It's ridiculous on Scruff that you select 'Currently On' and you pull up a guy's profile-and it says on "2 hours" ago. :mad:




On Grindr, when you send a text (or a pic) you see "SENT". When the guy reads it/opens it you see "DELIVERED"

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Both (or all) of these require an APP on your iPhone correct? I'd give it a try when traveling but my phone gets used and viewed by others while at work and I don't really need one of those apps to be shown.

You could use it in off hours, then delete the app before work. And reinstall when you leave. Repeat as needed.


If you do use them, turn off all notifications.

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