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American Psycho

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I start with the photo of the toned and handsome star of this show, Benjamin Walker. Well worth the price of admission to see his chiseled physique strut up and down the stage at the Schoenfeld theater in this amusing and enjoyable new musical.

I'll admit that any new musical opening this season has no chance of winning any Tony awards against the giant powerhouse that is Hamilton (fyi...passed by the Richard Rodgers theater late last night and there were folks camped out at the box office!), however, I had such an enjoyable time at American Psycho that I kinda wish this show had a stronger chance.

Another import from the London stage, this show is not for everyone. Patrick Bateman has it all. he's handsome, successful, studley, but he has a sadistic and murderous mind. No one is safe from Patrick's passion of slicing and dicing up friends, family, hookers, strangers and co-workers. The blood flows fast a furious in the final Act One scene. (Another fyi...a splash screen prevents the gore from soiling the first few rows.) However, the creative team has decided to lighten up the atmosphere and Mr. Walker delightfully camps it up a bit. This is not the Christian Bale 2000 film.

The score is not all original tunes. The show, set in the 1980, delightfully pokes fun at all that is the 80's. A campy and fun "You Are What You Wear" first act number by the ladies playfully pokes fun at the fashions and designers of the 80's. The original tunes by Duncan Shiek, whose credits include Spring Awakening, is suitable, and for good measure, they've thrown in some 80's classic hits like Hip To Be Square, by Huey Lewis, "Everyone Wants To Rule The World" by Tears For Fears, and "Don't You Want Me" by Human League for good measure. NYC Dance clubs Danceteria and The Tunnel are part of some scenes.

All, in all, I really enjoyed this production and the audience last night seemed equally pleased. This is Mr. Walker's show and once again, he is just so freakin' good looking it's a crime, and he's out to commit one, at least in his brain.

I will reveal that friends saw an early previews and alerted me that I should bring a pair of opera glasses to ogle Mr. Walker's tighty whitey package...I did, and it was great, especially with his pubes peaking over the elastic waist band...yes, I know...I'm a dirty ole man!).


Ben Brantley seemed to enjoy it, too...



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Oh what they hell, more pics...enjoy!








Also forgot to mention cast member Dave Thomas Brown who was so good in the off-Broadway show The Legend of Georgia McBride is featured. ALL the cast members are toned and muscular...

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Saw this show a few weeks ago - really enjoyed it. I think Brantley enjoyed it more than he wanted to admit. Other reviews are all over the place, Wall St. Journal didn't like it, USA Today loved it, others were in the middle. I thought Benjamin Walker was terrific and totally agree with edjames that he alone is worth the price of admission. I sat fairly close and opera glasses weren't necessary.

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Saw it tonight and enjoyed it very much. Two ballads that were not so good slowed things down but couldn't kill it. It is a feast for anyone into hard, buff bodies in tighty-whities! I don't think it absolutely captured the depravity of the book but there is a bravura performance by Benjamin Walker who spends most of the show in tighty whities with a bare chest. By the way the chest is the perfect topper for his smooth lean abdomen and stomach! Loved the techno music. Look for it on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkSLQVHGCQA and

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