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411 on Midwestern Blake

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This sounds like a great ad--but is this guy for real? I exchanged text messages with him, and he was happy to send a very handsome face picture (as promised in the text of the ad, below).


Any insights or experiences with Blake from the Midwest?




Wow Andy2!


He is definitely hot!!! I do not know anything about him but would like too!

He describes his body type as athletic but looks more muscular to me!!!

I hope some forum veterans can shed some insight on this guy, I hope he's real and not a scammer!

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Two of the pictures can be traced to a guy's Instagram (I won't say the name) with the heads still on them. Either that guy is escorting or Blake is using swiped pics.

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Either that guy is escorting or Blake is using swiped pics


Cannot remember the source - I thought it was perhaps a posting here although a search right now is not coming up with anything. But my recollection is that it is this guy for whom @RexB found an Instagram account. (There's actually more to find besides the Instagram account). Never met or interacted with him, but my memory is that Midwestern Blake is this guy. But that's no guarantee at all.


If someone is interested in meeting him, I'd suggest learning how to find this instagram account (if you don't currently possess the tech know-how --- it's not very complicated) and then contact M-Blake and ask for a face pic to see if they match.

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