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Is this Juan for real?

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My only red flag is


"I'm also a certified masseur with strong hands"


Being 'cerified' and not licensed means you never went in front of a board, this usually occurs when someone completed massage school and then cannot become licenced potentiality due to criminal chargers, ethicical behavior and lack of knowledge of how licenses are issued. Becoming only certified is unfortunately what a lot of people are doing now. You have to protect yourself with a licenses. But, hey who am I? I did my time when I was 18 and 19 in college for a year. God were those the good ole days. I wish I could go back and tell myself the end justifies the means, and then some.


So many kids and adults in my class dropped out, everyone said they joined the program because it was "easy" LOL OK. The courses were harder than the ones for CNA and Medical Assistant (phlebotomist) no one warned me when I completed the programs at 17 and a half no one would hire me due to my age and having no work experience in the field. Umass hospital's recommended I volunteer for 3-5 years full time then apply for a job. LOL, yeah, right, good luck with that. All that school for nothing, although I did work for a hospice as a CNA for too long. It helped me appreciate my life alot more.


Ok I'm done.

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