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WoW! Are there any escorts into this ?

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Daddy Howard was a frequent participant at leathernecks and 15 association events in San Francisco

(and even gave lectures at SM instructional venues).


He is highly skilled, and was quite sought after. My take is that escorts might be reluctant to entrust

themselves to clients who weren't as experienced and might not know when real physical or emotional damage is being done.

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Ask and you shall receive... However, such a scene is a two way street. One does not get it on with such intensity (not to mention the actual length of the scene) unless there is a certain about of trust and confidence on the part of the bottom regarding the skills of the top. In other words, there must be a comfort zone for the sub. Likewise, the top must know what his boy wants and needs, deliver it accordingly, and in a safe and sane manner. I would bet the farm that this was not the first time that these guys hooked up.


Experienced tops can read body language, but developing a relationship is the best way to be successful in such a scenario. One obviously starts with the use of a safe word and then with time a relationship is developed where both Dom and sub can go through a scene as if on autopilot. Still, the really experienced doms can get things right from the get go. As such, experienced subs can tell if the dom knows what he is doing quite early on as well. Observing the Dom in action can reveal a lot about his expertise. In addition, simply being on the receiving end for a very short period of time tells a sub quite a bit about the skills that a Dom possesses.


The catch is to find someone with experience. Using NYC as an example, years ago there were many escorts capable of supplying such a scene. Today escorts advertise such services but may or may have much actual experience. Just from observing the Dom in the video it is evident that he is experienced in using quite a number of tools of the trade, be it his own hands, a variety of slap paddles, various wooden paddles, a short flogger, or even a cane. Every such toy has its own personality and the Dom must know how to specifically use any given toy to produce the desired effect. This is especially true of caning where when done irresponsibly the results can cause much harm, and I can attest to that from personal experience as a sub. It was only much later when I attended a demonstration that I learned how to do it responsibly. Still, it is not something that I do not yet feel comfortable doing as a Dom. In the video it seems as though it is being done reasonably responsibly.


Also, it must be remembered that even when the sub is yelling "Oh no! No!", that he is actually enjoying himself and really does not want things to stop. If a safe word is not being used as in a video the experienced Dom knows when to give the sub some breathing space either by giving him a moment to catch his breath or changing gears in some fashion or other so as to vary the stimuli in a way that would help to keep the scene going on for as along as possible.


The catch is now finding that perfect Dom!!!! Someone like Daddy Howard!


Incidentally there is a guy who periodically attends the NYBC who loves to get his butt worked over. I always enjoy myself when he is there. He is known as "Spank me" as he often wears a tight brief that has those words spelled out on his butt. Incidentally, I have never felt such a firm, tight, and muscular pair of glutes. Definitely developed from years of experience as a sub! He brings his own accoutrements which is as it should be as every sub knows exactly what works best for him!

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