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Men in Kilts Window Washing is a Thing

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Me thinks a great concept...cute, professional and how much fun would that be. :D


How do you like this old thread?




This is also why kilts could be useful:





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I assume with that accent he is located in Scotland which certainly makes it a very clever idea.


I'm pretty sure the guy in the vid, who's with the Boston franchise, is Irish. (Boston is predominantly Irish.) He mentions the founder, Nic, who's from Scotland. The business is US-based. The kilts make them stand out on the crowd, so to speak, and give the business that fun, cheeky flair. (Pun totally intended.)


Btw, I forgot to include the link to the Boston franchise's website, which is where I found the video. I would have added it sooner, but I have yet to figure out how to use the copy and paste functions on my Kindle Fire tablet. Here it is: www.meninkilts.com/boston

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The "No Peeking" T-shirt made me laugh but, of course, that's all I wanted to do. The usual problem with things like this is that the guy who actually shows up is not the hottie from the video but the guy who, well, let's just say you wouldn't care to peek. It kind of like how the people who actually go to nude beaches are not the people you dream about seeing naked ;).

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