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"The 20th Century Way" in New York

LA Guy
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I just read on The Backlot that a play I saw a few years ago in Los Angeles is going to be in New York. It's called The 20th Century Way and it's an amazing play with probably the best performances by actors I've ever seen on stage. It's about these two cops who entrap gay men in the early 20th century and it's really funny and really smart. On top of that the two actors are really handsome and they get completely naked for like five minutes.


I'm going to try to get to New York to see it again next month, and highly recommend this play. It's at a place called Rattelstick Playwrights Theater.



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I finally got to New York a couple days ago and saw this play last night. I think it was even better than when I first saw it in Los Angeles and I loved it then. The actors are just amazing and the audience clearly loved the show as much as we did laughing a lot and giving it a standing ovation. My friend I brought didn't know anything about it and was completely bowled over. I was surprisingly even more moved by it than I was last time I saw it. Maybe because of everything that has happened recently with the Supreme Court and gay marriage. And I think the actors look even better naked than they did last time! Very sexy. The theater is kind of a pit with the bathroom on the stage (so pee before the show starts) but the set is nice and seats are close, in the front row premium seats we were in you could practically reach out and touch the actors (not that I'm recommending that, ha ha). They close this weekend so only a few performances left to see this really smart, funny, sexy and super-gay play.


I also saw "Fun Home" at the matinee yesterday. Fantastic and highly recommended. And I'm seeing "Significant Other" tonight. Then home. Too fast. I miss New York.

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