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no nude pics showing the goods?...oh no....


That's been my main concern hiring him, that he doesn't "show the goods". It's always been a pet peeve of mine when tops (purported "total tops," no less) don't show me what they'll be topping me with, or supposed bottoms who don't display their asses. Always makes me a bit wary.


That being said, I've kept tabs on Johny's reviews, which are really intriguing, and so I'm still really tempted to hire him. If you (the OP) like the reviews, and if you're not a size queen like me (so lack of pics won't bother you), then please do give Johny a go. Sounds like he'd be great!

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i have seen johny, if you are a size queen you may not be satisfied, but he gets and stays hard.

I'm not a size queen...not even remotely queeny....but I love really fat/extra thick manmeat...some guys like muscles....some bubble butts...me?...I think it's what's up front that counts....I have spoken to Eddie Berrios/Freddie Mac for next Friday after work...That my friends looks like and has been reported to be the ultimate meatbat to knock me out.....super sucking on the way...TGIF...

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