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Dave and David Review

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Am I the only one who was confused by the Dave & David review? The price seems like it should be $1900 rather than $1090, and Dave seems to leave but is called David or was David B who provided the WS (there are enough context cues to suggest it was Dave). A little editing would have been helpful! Nonetheless, it sounded like quite an evening for our intrepid reporter.

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I don't think I'm sharing anything the reviewer wouldn't be willing to do so himself. so for purposes of clarity:


I did not leave. our time together was in my place (The Fuck House).


the reviewer hired me for an overnight, plus he added on an hour while we were setting it all up. those fees are $900 + $100

pre-appt, he also requested feedback; that is $40

and he requested a third guy, for which I charge +$50, for the time it takes me to set that sort of thing up.

if you add all that up, you'll see that it totals $1,090. plus (and this was not mentioned in the review), he gave me a VERY generous tip.


I had arranged for David Benjamin to join us for 2 hours. DB's fee for that - at least when he's working with me - is $400. from what you wrote above, Buckguy, it seems that that did not get mentioned in the review. I suspect it was just an oversight on the reviewer's part, but who can blame him... already this is a bit complicated, right? LOL.


feel free to visit my site for verification / transparency on my prices.


we both pissed on the client. god, that was hot.


as it was when I pissed all over WmClarke (loved reading his review, too!)

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