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Alex Visiting Philadelphia

good ol boy
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This guy -- or his photos - has been exposed in the past as a lot of buck for a minimal-if any- bang.


Yes, many times... but with a different name I can't recall.


He used to stay in a city for a month and move to the next later also for a full month. I almost fell for it in DC.


Very bad reputation on pretty much all postings.


The ad now says his name is Owen. He has a bad reputation from at least the Forum -not sure about reviews-in years past.




He was described as: straight, not interactive, old pictures, etc.


Please don't email/text him to let him know he's been exposed in this forum so he can change his ad/name/cellphone and fool us again... (you know what I'm talking about, out of boredom you've did it a few times)


The main purpose of this forum is to warn us without warning him or he'd change his strategy again.


The majority is his ad is about money and payment and not really about much else


Let us place the focus elsewhere please...



That's never a good sign, thank you for posting this information about him, I'm sure he'll change his number soon.


I remember his pictures from 5 or 6 years ago, and they were described as already old pics from his past modeling career.

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