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Super Top on RB Manhattan

Guest RexB
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I had this guy booked for Sunday and then I posted my query about him on here and boy, am I glad I did.

Yesterday morning I realized I'd not seen his butt so wrote him and asked for a rear-view pic. He wrote back saying his ass was not his main asset so he had no pics of it. I asked if he could guarantee he had a round, muscle butt and he replied, "Not really, ha ha." I told him that if he took a pic of his butt to send it to me because I might like it anyway, even if it's not bubble. This morning I received a butt pic of him and it does not meet with my approval. Thank you guys for coming to my rescue. I got a message on here this morning saying that at least some of the pics on his ad were of Marco Blaze. I immediately recalled having seen those pics of him on a boat with all the blue water around a few years ago, and now a couple of others of you are confirming that it's so.


I just sent this guy this message:


"Hey man, thanks for sending the pic.

However, there's something fishy going on here and you almost fooled me. Either you're Marco Blaze sending me a pic of someone else's ass or you're someone trying to pass off pictures of Marco Blaze as your own.

There's a lot of you escorts who must think that we clients are so stupid that we fall for this kind of fraud. It's just ridiculous to post someone else's pictures. We have ways of finding out the truth, so it turns out it's not the clients who are the fools, if you get what I'm saying."


I doubt I'll hear back from him.

Thanks to everyone who helped uncover another fraud.



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Too bad it isn't actually Marco. Here's the real Marco's ass by the way.



Just came across a 2009 interview with Marco. Says he can't sleep naked because his big dick moves around too much. Poor guy :(


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