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Electric Convenicence Vehicle use in the European Union

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I don't know if anyone else has a problem with this. My legs are 1/4 bionic (due to increase to 3/4 by the middle of next year). Walking up to a 1/4 mile can be accomplished with a cane. Walking / standing in line is almost impossible. At WDW, for instance, I get do an entire day on one charge.


I haven't been to Europe since 2009, and Italy since 2007. I think now how much better I would have been using one for getting from point a to point b.


I am legally disabled, as authenticated by two insurance company and Social Security. I am continuing to try to improve.


My question: What is the availability of such devices in the UK and Europe? What are the social stigmata related to use there of?


I have about 20 years of things left to do on my bucket list. If I can do it electrically, it makes more fun, but a chair-pusher would also work. I'm glad I did my cathedral climbing when I was younger. I do travel with an accomplise / assistant who is good company; can read a map; and who can help with the navigation.


Any suggestions, assuming that I'm in physical Therapy and getting joint problems. And is it best to try to "bring with" from the US, or to "rent" whilst overseas. All told, I'd even consider trans-atlantic ocean liner to airline if it gets to be too much of a logistical nightmare.


Any suggestions and experiences?

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