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411 Denver

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May not be your type, but I know Eric to be a good bet in Denver



First offer me say, I like Eric. I met him at least twice between 8 and 10 years ago. The second time was for a weekend. But before I were going to hire him again, I'd make sure what he was into currently because it has changed over the years.


Is Eric versatile? If yes, I would definitely enjoy all of that.


At one point in his career Eric was versatile leaning more towards topping. The next time I inquired, he told me he didn't bottom anymore.


The same thing happened with deep kissing-1st time was ok. The next time he said he had been getting a lot of colds recently, and he had decided that might be the reason.


Last point-Eric has pretty much been a muscular guy ever since he started hiring. But his level of muscularity and fitness has varied greatly over the years. Some of those pictutes of his may be several years old. I'd ask for several (non) pornographic current pictures to see what he currently looks like.


This is not to warn anyone off Eric I like him. But I've been monitoring his ads for the past 10 years. That as well as meeting with him-I know how things have changed over time with him.




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