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411 Jason in LA

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Has anyone had any experience with Jason recently?

I am curious if he has incorporated a sensual element into his massage. He looks very 'legit' but I have had some sensual experiences with that type of masseur before.


Feel free to PM me. Thanks in advance!







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Had him when he was just starting. Average msg skills but very nice and very friendly. "Sensual" aspects (mutual touch & release )included but didn't warrant a return visit IMO. He was a struggling artist then and looked it - full beard, ponytail and less body fat. With all his recent credentials, looks like he's gone legit only. But you could ask.

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I booked him a couple months ago. I thought his massage skills were decent. Not amazing, but I would say better than average. His place was very nice and clean. He was kinda projecting a very enlightened, meditative vibe - but not in a phony way, he seemed genuinely nice and caring.

So.. for my part, i;ve booked more than a few massages - and sometimes I find it a bit exciting to not push the sensual issue. I kinda figure - i'll go get a (hopefully decent) massage, and if more happens that that will be exciting. I did that with this guy, and nothing more happened than the legit massage happened.

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