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Help with a Dallas escort

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Hey Guys.

I need some help and suggestions.

I'm a 40 year old bigger guy. I have lost about 120 lbs and still have about 70 to go. However, I am all ready to jump in with both feet. So, I have been thinking for a long time about hiring a professional to be my first. The problem is the escort situation in Dallas is pretty sad - it is very thuggish.

Does anyone have a suggestion of an escort that would be good with first timers and bigger guys? Oh... my two requirements are that he be larger than average and circumcised.




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Gary, let me be the first to welcome you back to the Forum. I see your first as well as your last post was 2006. I certainly hope you were able to find someone back then as you never let us know how you did. May I also congratulate you on your weight loss. Unfortunately I think I have picked up all the weight you lost. But those are the breaks.


Unfortunately you aren't asking about 12 years ago. I think there would have been a lot more guys to fulfill your wishes back then. I'm assuming since you want someone large that you are probably looking for a top. The only guy I have personal experience with anytime currently is Walter (and it's been awhile since I met him),but he is uncut.


These two have been mentioned before either with reviews or here in the Forum as being good escorts, but I have no personal experience.






The two above are versatile. There is also a bodybuilder named Luca (a strict top) who is incredibly handsome, built, and has a nice endowment. He's not advertising currently, but his contact info should be in Daddys Reviews. But he is Eastern European, and his reviews show him to be uncut. So I'll leave it to you to look him up if you want to.


I know it can be difficult not to find the type of guys you like. It's very difficult to change your likes. But as I'm sure you have found out-there are so many Latin and European guys that sometimes it's very difficult to find circumcised guys. And nowadays there are even a lot of Americans not being circumcised. I understand how you feel as I prefer circumcised. Fortunately for me it's only a preference and not a deal breaker-just as having an enormous tallywacker is not a number one preference.


I hope my suggestions help.



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Yep, you and me both are "doing without in Dallas." I really don't know anybody to recommend. Tristan Baldwin comes into town once in a while, was just here I think. In my opinion he'd be great for you. He seems to connect with all shapes and sizes. Check out his calendar on his website. I think it's just his name, dot com. Maybe he will be in a town you can get to. I'd travel to see him. (I have in fact.) BTW, Dallas seems to have more than it's share of scams and fakes. (Everything is bigger in Texas, even the lies.) If it seems too good to be true......... cheers.

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