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411 on NYC pros

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Hello guys (& a few gals --your contributions are very much appreciated),

I will be celebrating this weekend with a mini hiring spree, since I'm having surgery next week, and will be out of commission for a few months. I'd like the forum's help in vetting some of these guys posted below. If you have any suggestions besides those below, please let me know on this thread or via private message. Thanks in advance guys & gals.


Hot Hung Dude (http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=296443&iid=148157&scid=153222231&sp=3&pos=60&locid=1569&type=escort) I know he also does massage work.


Alex Argentinian (http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=584698&iid=508606&scid=153169242&sp=15&pos=298&locid=1569&type=escort)


Igor (http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=582040&iid=512274&scid=153169242&sp=18&pos=350&locid=1569&type=escort)


New Man 27 (http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=950921&iid=512500&scid=153222231&sp=2&pos=45&locid=1569&type=escort)


Arnau, visiting from Spain (http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=951804&iid=513141&scid=153222231&sp=3&pos=59&locid=1569&type=escort)


Marco from Italy (http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=394626&iid=476305&scid=153222231&sp=6&pos=115&locid=1569&type=escort)


Marek (http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=319538&iid=164680&scid=153222231&sp=8&pos=159&locid=1569&type=escort)


Kevin (http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=305456&iid=154754&scid=153222231&sp=9&pos=167&locid=1569&type=escort)


Tyson Tyler XXX (http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=319829&iid=164861&scid=153222231&sp=10&pos=187&locid=1569&type=escort)


Big Dicked Ginger (http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=568463&iid=499015&scid=153222231&sp=10&pos=200&locid=1569&type=escort)


Although you might not have guessed it from this list, while I love a diverse array of men, I also have a thing for blondes and redheads, as well as guys who have blue, green, or grey eyes. I also tend to prefer hairy guys. But my only constant is that the guy be confident, assertive, and somewhat masculine (doesn't hurt to be hung above average either!). Again, your input on the listed guys, or other suggestions you think will be a match will be much appreciated.


P.S. I'm doing this post on my new cellphone, so if I got the links wrong, I apologize. I'll fix them when I get home (at work now, hence my using my phone and not a computer).


I'm also looking at stalwarts Tony Bishop and Victor Racek, who have ads up, but especially in the case of the latter, had older reviews the last time I checked. If anyone has more current info or rec's for them, I'd be much obliged. Thanks again for getting through this long post.

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Does anyone know anything about the guys listed, or have any suggestions? The weekend's fast approaching and I'd really like some help before then in making a selection or two (or three!).. Thanks a bunch guys (& gals) :)

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