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Scam Alert -- "Joe" Visiting Montreal

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Chalk up another one in the TGTBT column:




The gorgeous pics are of a guy named Jake Towry, also models under the name of Jacob Burton, who's from Tennessee:




There were red flags all over the ad, but I thought, hope against hope, I'd at least check to see if it was for real. Texted the number in the ad, set up a brief call. Guy who answered was a heavily accented French-Canadian. When I called him on it, he (of course) said the pics weren't his, but his were better looking, he'd be happy to send them to me, and that he posts other people's pics to protect his privacy. When I said no sale, he called me a few choice names for wasting his time. Pot, meet kettle?


Anyways, beware. Found links to old RB ads where he has also visited MIA.

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He caught my eye a few months ago. At the time, he was using photos from several different models. He claimed that the picture in the pink underwear of his back side was actually him, and recent. That was a lie, too, since the photo has been online for more than two years. Then he got belligerent. FYI:

Me: Do you have any photos that are actually of you? The ones in your ad are from various models. 3:07 PM

+16172061578: Profile pic on my ad is me 3:56 PM

Me: Google shows that those images belong to Jake Towry, Bernardo Velasco, Richie Nuzzolese and others. Learn to us google image search so you can be a better liar 4:00 PM

+16172061578: Dumb ass I said the profile pic is me. 4:07 PM

+16172061578: And yes I'm very discreet so I don't wanna show a lot of my pics 4:08 PM

+16172061578: I'm model and actor 4:08 PM

Me: Maybe I'm looking at a different ad. I saw you on backpage. There are several pictures of different people.
4:09 PM

+16172061578: Yeah that's my ad. Only the profile pic (back wearing pink underwear) is mine 4:17 PM

Me: Oh, I understand what you're saying now. 4:17 PM

+16172061578: Thank god! 4:20 PM

Me: Is that photo recent? 4:23 PM

+16172061578: Last year 4:24 PM

+16172061578: Still big and muscular though 4:25 PM

Me: posted online 2.5 years ago:
4:25 PM

Me: So, it appears that you're the "dumb ass." Learn to be a better liar. And, BTW, insulting your potential clients probably won't help either. 4:31 PM

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