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25 years of "Pretty woman".

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1. It wasn't even meant to be a rom-comWhile "Pretty Woman" made a big — huge! — impression with romance and comedy lovers, the film wasn't meant to be funny or a love story. Instead, it was scripted as a dark tale called "3,000" — a reference to the price Roberts' character was to be paid.


"Richard's character threw my character out of the car, threw the money on top of her and drove away and the credits rolled," Roberts said of the intended ending.


WATCH: Julia Roberts, Richard Gere re-create iconic 'Pretty Woman' scenes during 25th reunion


2. Richard Gere didn't want the roleAs hard as it is to imagine that dark take on the tale, it's even harder to imagine the story without Gere playing the leading man. But that was nearly the case, as he turned down the part when it was first offered to him.


"A few times," according to director Garry Marshall.




"Well, there wasn't a part," Gere explained. "There was just nothing. The joke was [it was just] a suit. You could put a suit on a goat and put it out there, and it would work."


But things changed.






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Funny... I just caught this thresh... But interestingly I referenced piano scene in the Abel Rey YouTube thread in the Deli.


My two favorite lines are the "Buffet of Safety" anf the reference to "Cinder-fucken-rella".



Regarding the Cinderella reference it was funny seeing the censored version wether it came out as "cinder-bleep of silence-rella"!

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I finally saw this film today! I was a bit scared that it was gonna mess me up in the head a bit, ya know, with all the luvin going on between the escort and the client. But it didn't! I just enjoyed the movie and it certainly confirmed for me that I'm just looking for fun times in the moment and nothing else outside of that. Except maybe a long standing professional relationship where both parties really get to know each other's preferences and so are able to provide a wonderful experience. :)

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