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What is wrong with this picture?

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Here are pictures of Richard Armitage in a Speedo, with his awesome legs totally out there and looking fabulous.





(I'm going to pause for a moment to thank The Higher Power for allowing Speedos to be invented.)


So what is wrong? This actor is in 3, count 'em, 3 major motion pictures and...




The part of a Middle Earth dwarf is NO PART for a man who's got legs this awesome. :)

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Of course you are correct here and I thank you for bringing this matter to the attention of the worthy denizens of this place.


Maybe he was hired to play a dwarf because the director didn't want to perpetuate stereotypical thinking about dwarves and their legs. If this is so, then we should be thanking said director for not giving into to the tyranny of prejudice and showing us that dwarf legs come in all shapes and sizes.

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