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Christopher in NYC

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Even in the new review climate, this isn't a custom massage, and there's nary a hint of anything other than a therapeutic, legitimate massage in both the text of his ad and his photos. That said, he sounds like a pleasant, intelligent, articulate person. But that's all -- if you want more.

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In his ad under "techniques" he does list "sensual",,,, I suspect that he will never advertise more, but if you become a regular customer, it will become more and more sensual !! I have known many guys who will not advertise erotic, or now custom, who provide more once they know you and the two of you develop a level of trust. No reason not to try with him as he is quite a hot guy and probably gives an excellent massage. If I were in NYC, I would certainly try him out. Please let us know if you proceed.

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New Age twist


I meant practices that have a physical expression but a metaphysical or psychological goal -- usually concerned with purifying, refining, unblocking, releasing, harmonizing, activating, or directing your "energy", chakras, Chi, transpersonal psyche, "innate powers of wellness", soul, etc. Such embellishments are very common on the non-erotic end of the massage spectrum in the sort of neighborhoods where you find raw restaurants, yoga schools, buddhist temples, crystal stores, and drop-in colonic hydrotherapy clinics. A few I've encountered in the Sedona, AZ area:


  • synchronized breathing -- you breath together, in, out, in, out...
  • eye gazing -- look into my eyes, don't look away, just keep looking...
  • holding -- Being held like a baby.
  • guided visualization -- may involve references to angels
  • "energy" work, ranging from "therapeutic touch" to "tantric honoring" of sacred body parts -- The latter is how one guy described what I would otherwise have called getting my balls massaged.
  • "vibratory blowing" -- imagine acupuncture but instead of needles the therapist blows "energy" into your skin along your energy meridians. It tickles. It can be exciting.
  • "sound therapy" -- ranging from a gong bath to something involving headphones and a computer to all sorts of chanting, drumming, or singing. Very popular in the Southwest US.

I try to accept these with an open mind and a sense of humor. They're harmless. Sometimes fun. And even though I put no more stock in "energy" channels than I do in UFO abductions, there's one masseur whose "Reiki passes" do something I can feel, though they involve no touching, and he's (alas!) strictly non-sexual. (My Catholic nana must be spinning in her grave as I type this...)



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