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The Newbies Choice

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Hello Gentleman!


Finally got some free time to post this thread as I have been extremely busy working, and now getting ready to go on my journey to DC to join you all from the forum for the MAL event and luncheon that's coming up in a couple of weeks. So excited about the upcoming events which will give me the opportunity(FINALLY) to meet both clients and escorts I haven't met across the country, but been wanting to meet for a long time. It'll be fun at both events - I'm sure. :).


First off - I want to CONGRADUALATE AND BOW TO THE KING: SIR ANDREW JUSTICE AS THE 2014 "ESCORT OF THE YEAR" WINNER!! May your year, baby be plentiful and wish you all the BEST in this proud, but joyous moment. I know you've been struck down by tragedy recently on the day of you getting the award, but do keep in mind we are all here and rootin for you, so stay of good cheer my friend. I'm so proud of you as deserve EOY, and had this coming for a long time now. The question is: Will you be able to steal the crown away from Chris Eisenhower? LOL. LOL. :p. Keep me posted!!!


I extend my Congrads to my sexy brothers "The Great Dane Scott" who won 1st Runner up(Sexy MF). Great job, baby. Mr. Nate Bruno(Steaming Hot Stud) - 2nd Runner up Winner. William Erickson " Newcomer Of The Year". Called Mr. Erickson to congratulate him over the phone personally, and we had a wonderful chat on the phone as he's such a sweetheart. William - you are a hottie, and very proud you won as you deserve it. Looking forward to meeting you during my visit in NYC.

Plus wanna congratulate those who won "Top of the list" and the "Newbie Votes". You guys are awesome at what you do. Keep up the good work!!! I'm rootin for you. :)


Thank you guys here on the forum who voted and rooted for me to win this award as it's an award that's a first really in the history of the site's existence, and I'm very proud to be the first escort EVER to win "Newbies Choice". Pretty much the award say a lot more of who my clientele is(LOL), but in a good way. To those of you I haven't met yet on the forum, but rooted for me - I appreciate you, and do pray I have the chance to meet with you soon as your vote and support is what counted to what got me "The Newbies Choice" for which I Thank you very much.


DADDY - Wanna Thank you with all my love and appreciation in believing in me as you do in many of your proud "kids" for allowing me to shine as my dedication and hard work paid off and in a rewarding way as it was you and Ace who took me under your wing for which I am grateful. I'm still stunned to this day that I'm the first escort to win "The Newbies Choice" as it's an award I will cherish with pride of accomplishment and greatness as it's only the beginning of many awards I hope I will win in many years to come.


Also to my fellow Brother's/Mentor's such as My Big Brother(Ace Rockstar) who is my mentor and one I love dearly. Thank you, Big Brother for believing in me, taking me under your wing, and encouraging me to strive for bigger and better things in this business which has also in the end landed me the award. Without you, man - I wouldn't have pushed myself to win this as I thank you with love. Dane Scott, Chris Eisenhower, Legendary Dave, AJ Irons, Juan Bruno, Branden Steele, David-SF, Amir, Steven Draker, Nate Bruno, and so many others such as you guys here on the Forum and Daddy's Moderators - I want to say "Thank you" as you guys also believed in me deserving this award and congratulated me with sincere and loyal support for which I am grateful. This award means a lot to me as a symbol of accomplishment that I have done in great job as an escort, and will continue to always do a good job.


Chris Eisenhower - Thank you for the encouraging text you sent the day I won the award as it meant a lot that text came from you, and that you thought of me to congratulate me. Very sweet of you, and I'm grateful and appreciative of all you said that woke me up and realized "You are appreciated". Thanks Chris. Looking forward to seeing you along with the other clients/escorts at the DC luncheon/MAL events.


JJ - I miss you, and words can't express my appreciation for you. I owe Ace ROYALLY for introducing us as you been a joy to me in my life as a friend, and a wonderful client, and I thank you. Ace - JJ is amazing and God sent. :).


To all of you all you, Studs - Happy New Year of 2015, and Best Wishes to all of you.

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