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Scammers back in DC?

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This particular character, Shane Withers, was in DC a few weeks back, then migrated to NYC --


OK I will say it... WHY WOULD ANYONE WASTE MONEY, even if only a measly $160, for a guy who is STRAIGHT??? I can get the attraction to turn a guy, or the challenge, but I would try the challenge without forking over money... but to pay for sex with a passive dead fish type? One whose "assets" in fact were exploring fishy spaces in another?? No thanks....

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Traveling around the country with Jason in his van (or whatever) and working your ass off in whatever town you stop at (and getting thrown off the van if you do not produce the cash to keep the show "on the road" -- is a great definition of "it makes them look like jail bait..."!!!!

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I'm going to take advantage of the fact this thread seems to be dead to make a plea to all of you. Please, for the love of whatever you care about, stop with the references to women's genitals smelling like or resembling fish or fishy spaces or anything like that. Yes, I've heard the joke about the blind man passing the fish store and saying, "Hi, girls!" The joke is mildly funny. The posts with the fish references are not.


Those using the fish metaphor are insulting to half of humanity, and even though it's not the half some (most?) of you want to bone, at the very least it's the half your mother belongs to as well as three active forum members plus who knows how many lurkers. (Though in this case I'm only speaking for myself; I haven't consulted with the other two active female members of the forum, although I've had discussions with one of them before on this topic.) Without those so-called fishy spaces, you wouldn't exist. And using the term is kinda shitty and not nice.


Don't let the enlightened straight guys outclass you. (Yes, there are enlightened straight guys.) Despite prevailing opinion around here, I believe gay men (and other men who have sex with men) are capable of being kind rather than catty, especially now that society is more likely to welcome them than shun them. Things are improving; let's leave the insults behind.


That doesn't mean you have to lie. All it means is that instead of referring to fishy spaces, you say something like, "The idea that the escort's junk/cock/penis/whatever term has at some time -- possibly recently -- been inside a woman/vagina/female genitals/snatch/pussy/girl parts bothers me." See? Neutral rather than insulting.


I'm okay with the use of the word "cunt" to describe female genitals, but in some places, the use of the word by a man for any purpose amounts to fighting words, so it's probably best to avoid that one. If someone calls a woman "an enormous c**t," that is a personal attack that I believe amounts to a ToS violation. I, for one, would hit the report button so fast it'd make your head spin.


Thanks for your attention. As you were, gents.


/steps off the soapbox and waits for brickbats

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