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411 on Junior - NYC

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Nothing Junior about it!


Hey ezlvr- Welcome to the forum. This guy looks too good to be true. What happened when you reached out to him?

~Boomer ~




"...looks too good to be true", well I thought the same thing. Turns out it was good, true and HOT.


He responded back pretty promptly and by the end of our communication we set up for the following day. He was a reluctant to send me his password to his private gallery at first which I found to be a red flag. He explained he wanted to know a little bit about what I was looking for first and that he prefers to be a bit more discreet due to his "regular work". I was into his photos, so i figured I've played along this far why not. When I finally got see his photos, I was surprised to find a very handsome guy but his cock was unbelievable. It was only one pic, so again I'm thinking he has to be fake. I told him I was interested and what time worked. He asked to voice verify to confirm the appointment, which was fine with me. Had a great voice and was very into finding out what I wanted to get out of the encounter, and more importantly what my turn-offs were. I told him what I was into and what my experiences have been in the past hiring, and he assured me that I wouldn't have anything to worry about. I wanted a BF experience with a little domination. Although I wasn't sure if he was 100%, I was intrigued so I stuck with it.


The day of, he sent me text to confirm our time for later which I found to be assuring. An hour before we met he text me and told me he'd arrive a few minutes early if that was ok. I said fine, and when he showed up I couldn't believe it. He was everything he stated in his profile and more. Handsome, friendly, in fantastic shape and his cock in a word was BEAUTIFUL. Definitely 10 and thick, something right out of a movie. The hour flew by but he was attentive, passionate and delivered everything I asked (even my particular underwear request). Great kisser, and gave a good massage. I didn't want it to end! I asked him would he like me to review him here since he had none but surprisingly he declined, almost pleading for me not to (does this happen?). My only negative thing to say was that he didn't give oral (but I didn't ask him prior) but he hit beyond the mark everywhere else. In the end he asked had I enjoyed myself and would I mind if he showered, I told him only if I can watch and he let me.


It was a great experience and I will definitely be seeing him again.

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Hey ezlver - Glad to hear I was wrong. Always happy to hear about a great experience, especially with a new find. There have been instances where an escort has asked a client not to write a review. I guess he had his reasons. The only thing I would have done

differently was to jump in the shower with him! :D

~ Boomer ~

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