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411 on Nikon in NYC

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And the verdict on Nikon is in!


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Nothing in particular. I'm just generally suspicious of everything on these two sites. Having been burned twice in the past week -- Nikon was a scam, the other just wasn't vouched for properly -- I'm perhaps a little hypersensitive. I usually don't hire masseurs unless I trust the reviews -- which I usually don't, unless they come from someone in this chat room.

And I should know better, having been at this for a while, than to trust photos only -- but Nikon looked so adorable ("fuckable" as one of my friends put it) that I was thinking with my dick, and not my head.

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Sorry if I was unclear, guys! I meant that I was attracted by the pictures of this adorable twink, and didn't bother to note that there weren't reviews that I could trust. That's what I meant by thinking with my dick and not with my head. I'd be interested to know what the face pic that Nikon sent Stuysavage looked like; but even if it was his face, that body did NOT remotely belong to the skinny, scrawny skeleton that walked thru my door.

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