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what is a demo bottom?

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what is it?

a “demo bottom” is a person who offers themself up to a Top, for a scene that will be watched by others.

while demo scenes can be hot, the main aspect of such a scene is to teach others (the viewers) how something is done. what better way to learn than by watching?

ok, it's fun, too...


why do it?

- others can watch, so you can be an exhibitionist, if that turns you on.

- you can take part in some aspect of play that you otherwise might not do - all within your own boundaries.

- you can be part of an instructional, so you are helping to educate others.


what are some assurances with it?

-you can express your limits beforehand (“no marks” or “no pain” or “call me ‘slut’, not John”)

- you have the ability to freely communicate with the top, as the scene is taking place - either with words, or sounds, or nonverbally.

- things will not get out of control. you will get a safeword, and have the ability to stop things at any time.

- you will only have equipment or gear used on you that is clean. you will have condoms used for insertive play, unless explicitly requested otherwise by you.

- you will not be touched by anyone other than the demo top, during the scene.

- you will not be filmed or photographed during the scene, unless explicitly requested otherwise by you.


I hope that with this brief post I’ve given a basic explanation of demo bottoming.


the impetus for this post is that I'm offering a demo scene on january 18th, in conjunction with the Daddy's Review's DC Luncheon. please see that thread under the Lounge for more info, if you'd like to attend and be a demo bottom - or just want to watch others in that role.

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